An illicit affair

India is not only the world’s biggest democracy; due to her independence leaders’ humanism, she holds a special moral high ground in the world.

What the current crop of Indian leaders and businessmen/women are doing is anathema to what India stands for.

High-level 80 person strong Indian government/business delegation visiting Tehran to cut business deals with the uber-apartheid Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is wrong.

India continuing to buy oil, albeit at cut-rate, from IRR which enables it to continue to rape, stone to death, mutilate Iranian men, women and children is wrong.

India not being totally forthcoming about the apparent connection between the apprehended Islamist Rapist terrorist suspects and IRR government is wrong.

India and Iran have many ties of history and culture which goes back many millennia, what the current leaders of India who have opted to get into bed with IRR, international terrorists and the enemy of the Iranian people, is just wrong and shameful.

Sri Lanka is about to cut off buying oil from the Islamist Rapist terrorists, India should do the same.

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