Have you been called an “Akhoond” or “IRI Agent” on Iranian.com? PART 1

Questions for Public – Responses Can be Public or Private:  

(1)  Does Iranian.com live up to the standards it set forth in the message? 

(2)  Have you been called an “Akhoond,” “IRI Agent,” “Basij,” or the like on Iranian.com?

(3)  Does anyone know if Iranian.com has received any form of government or military revenue?  

(4)  Feel welcome to contact me privately.   


Middle Photograph

Fakhravar with:

– Richard Perle (neoconservative and Israeli lobbyist);

– Natan Sharansky (Deputy PM of Israel / Israeli politician);

– Tzipi Livni (former Israeli Mossad officer / politician);

– Fakhravar starring inthe anti-Iranian Israeli film “Iranium”;

– Fakhravar in Israel with Israeli soldiers.



 “Who arranged for his [Fakhravar’s] Israeli visit?  A slightly mysterious Israeli company, Laurus, founded by former members of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office specializing in national security.  In other words, these are former Israeli security operatives now freelancing for themselves based on their prior contacts in the security apparatus.  All of which means that there are security interests in Israel eager to exploit Fakhravar for their purposes.”


Condemnation of the Film ‘Iranium’

 The Iranian Student Alliance in America (ISAA) at the University of California, Berkeley condemned the film, saying that:

“Iranium falsifies, exaggerates and overtly generalizes reality to manipulate the public’s emotions. Through such actions, the makers of Iranium instill fear within their viewers to justify their war agenda. Worst of all, they ruthlessly use the sacrifices of the people of Iran to push for a war that will target the same people.” (ISAA 16 February2011.)  


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