Israeli War Posturing versus Reality

Israel is used to fighting Palestinian women and children, and tiny militias. Israel lost the Lebanon war several years ago to a small militia and had to retreat with its tail between its legs with at least 50 of its tanks destroyed only a few kilometers from its border, and hundreds of soldiers were sent home in body bags.  Israel tries to enhance its military reputation by attacking Palestinian farmers and bombing the world’s largest open air concentration camp called ‘Gaza.’  It’s like shooting fish in a bowl of water: it isn’t strength or bravery; it’s propaganda and genocide to cover-up 60 years of apartheid.   

Iran is a nation of 85,000,000; with 220,000,000 Persian speakers worldwide, and tens of millions of non-Iranian supporters.  Iran’s military influence spans from the borders of China to the Mediterranean.   In the court of world opinion, Israel is an isolated pariah state.  Even in the U.S., people are speaking out about the shameless and dishonest tactics of Israel.  It’s not uncommon these days for retired CIA officers to condemn Israel and call for lessening U.S. support.     

Iran has a massive number of highly trained brigades of specialized battalions and sub units of special combat forces that make Israel’s military look like wimpy boy scouts with anger management problems.  Iran’s soldiers are fiercely loyal, courageous, capable, highly trained and unafraid to sacrifice in defense of Iran.  Iranians have a collective memory that spans thousands of years: One Israeli miscalculation and they will pay an eternity for their foolishness. 

The Israeli influenced media simply wants to terrorize regular Iranian families with its constant war talk, defamation of Iranians, war propaganda, and economic penalties that only bring hardship to regular families.  Israel also seeks to draw other larger powers into conflict with Iran because of its cowardice and weaknesses. Israeli cowards are scampering to team up with whomever they can: And it’s a sure sign of desperation when Israelis have to ally with a 60-year old Maryam Rajavi and a handful of brainwashed and untrained imbeciles who couldn’t even give Saddam anything of value.

What you see in the media is the Israeli bully who is used to fighting Palestinian women, children, and tiny militias. The Israeli bully is effectively admitting that Iran is too strong for it.  “Come help us America,” we hear over and over again in the subtext of Israel’s war propaganda.      

For the first time, Iranian families know what it is like to be subject to the same Israeli propaganda machine that has terrorized Palestinian families: That bullshit isn’t aimed at Iranian soldiers because they are unafraid.  Israel only knows how to terrorize the simple people to exert pressure: How many more ‘Shahs of Sunset’ and conferences with Maryam Rajavi can they parade in the media?  It’s actually becoming comedic.  

Let the Zionist/MEK dog bark all it wants.

Sleep Kurosh: Your native sons will defend your sacred land.   

Justice for Palestine.

Justice for Ethiopian Jews who are subject to Israeli racism.

Justice for Armenians living in the Holy Land.   

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