Adaptation of a Farsi poem >>> by Orang Gholikhani


Years of doubt,
in the arms of silence and contempt
End of the road in the dust of the dirt
Anticipation of the result,
and impending struggle with the final pain
Fighting a foe nameless and vain
blending of good and bad, so valiant,
on the brink of living and eternal rest

Years of tumult,
in the arms of joyance and guilt
Curse of the world to the restraint of the heart!
Anticipation of the revolt,
and crossing through wisdom’s domain
Meeting a painless love once again,
at the tomb of the opulent past,
Being born again, future not yet distinct


Original poem by Orang Gholikhani, see here >>>

Blog Image: Broken Heart, by Linda-Ann Patchett, Saatchi Online >>>

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