Islamic Republic and Earthquakes.

Now, before starting to call me names or to cheer me, I’m not about to blame Khamenei and His Islamic Republic for causing the earthquake, which today killed hundreds of our Azari compatriots. After all, these pathetic Islamo Fascists can not even close the straits of Hormouz, let alone cause an earthquake!

I have a simple question for The “Supreme leader”, “the spokesman of shiat 12th missing imam  on earth”:

What proportion of the hundreds of billions of our nations oil revenue, looted and transported to the foreign bank accounts of you, your criminal family, your cronies  & other foreign shiat islamist terrorist gang leaders, over the past 34 years would have been sufficient to import the technology shown in this video clip  from japan, build houses based on it, plus the advanced earthquake warning systems readily availabale, to save the lives of these unfortunate  compatriots of ours?



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