When you hear somebody say the number 67 or see it written somewhere, what emotion(s) does it evoke in you?

Does it make you sad?

Does it open the floodgates of memories, few happy, most not?

No, the 67 in mind is not the 1967 border issue between the Palestinians and Israelis.

The 67 in question is the Persian solar calendar year 1367 (1988). Twenty four years ago around this time of the year, when Khamenei, the current absolute Leader was the President, his relative, Mir-Hussein Mousavi Khameneh, was the Prime Minister, and now “reformists” were part of the regime, crime against humanity was committed by the system they operated.

“No one knows the exact number of those executed a consequence of censorship and severe repression in Iran. But, to this day, there are around 5,000 known names of victims which have been documented by families, political parties and organizations.”

Next time you see or hear number 67, think of all those family members of the victims who live with that number every minute of their lives. . Justice for 67!

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