Top-Notch Iranians and the new Cold War

Iran planning to attack U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf – Wichita Military Affairs |…?

As a top-notch successful Iranian, you say, “another ridiculous article”, and that will be that.

You go back to your desk, or you shut the browser, and not say a word about it to anyone. You grab a cup of coffee or tea, drop your head, and hope you can just forget it. You are cold. Khejalat bekesh!

This is what the intelligentsia of Iran, who have shamefully run away, from Iran are doing. I am not part of the intelligentsia. I may have the degrees or the family pedigree, but I am not in any of those high salary top-notch jobs, a lot of Iranians are in. They are mean, cold, and very aloof. Yuk!

We Iranians have some of the best doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists, all working for non-Iranian companies or in countries outside Iran. Not one of them has the passion to even bother to complain about this situation, and get Iranians to form a government, a committee, or anything, in exile. They all moan at His Imperial Majesty our Crown Prince in exile Cyrus Reza Pahlavi, and that is as far as it goes. Too sari hamatoon mikhaheen!

Meanwhile we have people who actually do not like Iran, want to promote some Islamic theocracy, make stupid comments to justify their role in Iran, and they make headlines. Now you top-notch Iranian, yes you, don’t look away, aren’t you mad as hell? Yes you are. Chekar meekhahi bekoni?

The people of Iran hate these revolutionary guards, who are killing Iranians everyday. But the world press writes about them as if they have the best of intentions for Iran. Why?

I state this every time. The US media loves to create a fake enemy. The US elections will cause both sides to make monsters out of Iran. They will not say that a particular group that the people of Iran hate, is making stupid comments. They won’t point to civilized top-notch Iranians. And as I have explained, the top-notch Iranian who can do something, is cruising in his Ferrari in LA, and could not give a toss! Yek mosht beesho’or!

The media is committing a crime. It is a crime, because Iranians are dying everyday, and the reporters will not ask, why isn’t there a proper representative cultural entity, which is apolitical and secular, that represents the heritage of Iran, active outside Iran, after 30 years. My answer is, “look at the number of Iranian Ferrari owners in USA”. Vahshatnakeh!

Without any responsibility from Iranians who can do something, we will have more and more of the media, being filled by articles like the one above, and military expenditure in both US and Ayatollah regimes will continue.

But the irony is that there will never be war. There will be a new Cold War. If there was war, it will all be over very quickly, and the people will get rid of the extreme elements in US and Iran.We will get very close to the edge of war, get more military hardware sold, People will be elected, and it will all die down, just like the cold war with USSR. The top-notch mullah and Iranian will carry on as they have, and the poor will continue to suffer.. Khak bar sar hamatoon!

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