RE H.Con R. 137

this is the Republican conservative approach that other countries only exist for the resources they have that the USA wants. The British were also masters of dividing countries up so that they would never be a powerful competitive economic or military force like they did to the Middle East after the fall of Ottoman Empire. Iranian Azerbaijan and Khuzestan are where all the oil is so these bastards think they would destroy the power of Iran by dividing it into three countries and get oil concessions from the two new countries they would colonize and dominate. What gives America the right to act like this? Only its might not its morality. Turan and Iran are so intermingled and intertwined historically and culturally that it would be like the myth of the Sudatenland that Hitler made up before he made his annexation. The CIA attempting to foment seperatist movements in Iran has been going on for a long time now. Ironically they helped put down independant Western Azerbaijan Republic and the Republic of Mahabad in 1947 so the USA plays with less powerful countries like they are not real people but checkers to serve their economic ends…If our government would stop meddling in other country’s internal affairs maybe there would be less “terrorism.”

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