Obama, bad for NIAC

President Obama’s reelection is bad news for NIAC Lobby, here is just four of many reasons why:

1- NIAC lobby cannot continue claiming Obama has not had enough time in office to set things right with the Messianic Islamists.

2-NIAC Lobby cannot continue blaming the refusal of the Messianic Islamist regime’s to talk one on one with America on Obama whose “hand of friendship” has been dangling for the past 4 years.

3- As it did with Bush, NIAC Lobby cannot label Obama who has ended one war and winded down the other as a “warmonger.”

4-Niac Lobby has already lost the backing of true leftists who were hoodwinked and is now saddled with cold war era mumbling geriatrics and wacky lefties.

In short, NIAC Lobby having lost a Federal Case it brought against an Iranian critic labeling it an Islamist Lobby, lost its all out effort to block delisting MKO, tried to block adding the terrorist Revolutionary Guard to U.S.’s terrorist list, and quiet number of other embarrassing and revealing doozies, it could have really used a Republic in the White House to revamp its blame the “neocon” job and play its Israel card, but got Obama instead.

ps. here is a just posted funny piece by the lifetime president of NIAC lobby and one of his employees with questionable work he did in Iran, painting Messianic Islamist’s upcoming “presidential election” on par with America and asking Obama to cut a deal before the “paralysis” that comes with presidntial elections.

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