Human Rights
Fariba Amini

Forgotten Captive

I visited him in 2005 at his home in northern Tehran, facing the Alborz Mountains. He is the longest held prisoner of Iran, sometimes referred

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Arts and Literature
Majid Naficy


Emily Dickinson calls “hope” a bird Who has perched in her soul And without asking for seeds Sings incessantly. I saw it as a cricket

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By Joobin Bekhrad … Their honour was all that some men had in this world … The English didn’t understand these ancient rules. Their wives could

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Say ants. What made them small is time. They are old. They’ve seen catastrophes that dwarf all our storms combined, seen burning heat, bitter cold.

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Obama, bad for NIAC

President Obama’s reelection is bad news for NIAC Lobby, here is just four of many reasons why: 1- NIAC lobby cannot continue claiming Obama has

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بینی مش کاظم

در حکمت فارسی داستان کوتاهی ست که روایت می کند پیشخدمت یک حاجی بازاری، مش کاظم نامی بود که دماغ بزرگی به اندازه ی یک

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Kudos America!

President Obama has been reelected by the American people to a second 4 year term. This is good news for not only America, but for

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Goodbye Iran

I recently published a book, Goodbye Iran which is the true story of two young men, Hossein and Hamid, and a young woman, Afsaneh, who

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Those who are running the site “khodrahagaran” have written the follwoing insulting sentence beside the picture of Nasreen Sotoudeh. IRANIAN MEN: LET’S LEARN HONOUR AND

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