The Best Thing about the IRI

It was only after taking down the power of the Pope in Europe in the 15th century, that Europeans finally were able to prosper and what we call today the “Renaisance” of major advancements in science, philosophy, art, music …you name it …cam about in Europe proper. There is a very strong inverse correlation between religion and progress.

Look at America today, we have a war between the backward, evangelical christian center of the country versus the technologically sophisticated atlantic and pacific coasts. And fortunately – the two coasts won. Go to the heartland, and sit in a diner and talk to the folk out there. They are backward. Hicks. Down right stupid. They’ll tell you that Obama is a muslim – he was born in Kenya … they’re focused on shit not on progress! They have no clue how to advance the nation, pull it forward from the crisis that “W” created. I call this battle the war between the believers and the achievers. Most of America’s GDP comes from the two coasts – not the heartland.

This war between Religion and progress is a global war. Its a war that indeed could be lost in the U.S. This is the war of our generation. This is world war III. It is an intellectual battler. A cyber war. A war being fought inside people’s hearts and minds. It is a war we must win – and we should never give up or give in.

Be sure that the Mullahs will lose – sooner or later – and this time, they will be gone forever. And Iranians will rid themselves of the curse of religion. Iran will then advance and be able to get further ahead then the rest of the world …The future is ours to create, the future is ours to celebrate in.

IRI’s biggest contribution to Iran and mankind will be that once they are gone, we will be able to build a better,stronger future – then for example America! In America – they will forever have to fight the morons on right – but in Iran we will be forever rid of them.

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