The Wests Mission Accomplished in Iran, Iraq and Libya. Now Syria. Part 2. (4 parts)

What the West, lead by the USA/UK/France/Germany want is to meet their national interests, in terms of reduced competition and cheap primary resources their economies need. In addition to selling weapons and dominating other societies to force them to buy and sell using their currencies. These so-called “Civilised Nations” and “Free Democratic Societies” have no interest in helping countries be democratic and their number one goal as a result of their Most important National interest is to thwart any power that would try to make this happen.

The wests approach is to support extremists covertly (which itself proves they are not after supporting pro-democrats) and overthrow powers not under their control, under the plausiable excuse of being “for democracy” and “for human rights”, while they oppose these with all the resources they have. This Politics is based on the idea of divide and rule and it is where anti-intellectuals among pro-democracy supporters are of value to the west.

Anti-Intellectuals which are a large part of pro-democracy supporters (though not all pro-democracy supporters are anti-intellectuals) are used to divide the societies and achieve the wests goals. So in practice the west really doesn’t support them at all it discards them at the end of reaching their number one goal, thwarting the societies that it divided against themselves using the ideal of democracy and media coverage. This results in greater poverty, corruption, violence and tyranny.

Iranians who are not aware of what the USA did to the late shahs team or how anti-intellectuals were used in pursuit of democracy to bring the mullahs to power are among the minority these days. Most Iranians know how divide and rule was used against the entire society and how the people of Iran and their human rights, means less than nothing to the leaders in the west in practice. Iranians mistake was to not understand the basics of politics and to see american, british, french and german “people” and think they seem okay and then trusting their governments thinking their governments are made of the people and we are okay with them, with out knowing of the inhumanities and crimes their governments commit 24/7 against the world and humanity on the whole.

Anti-intellectuals used to be a dime a dozen, from 1953 to 1979, though due to the experience of 1979 their numbers have dwindled and the younger generation living in the USA created and maintained tyranny of Iran understands that the west doesn’t give a damn for their human rights at all. Don’t expect different in any of the other countries, syria, libya, iraq, afghanistan to do so would be anti-intellectual.

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