Democracy In This World

Democracy in US

Has become a real mess

Democracy for lobbies

Democracy for press


Democracy in UK

At one time it was ok

But now it has turned into

A lackey of USA


Democracy in France

Was really superb once

Now just follow USA

Has become a nuisance


Democracy in Europe

Has left people with no hope

In line with the USA

With Vatican and the pope


Democracy in Russia

 Is for gangs of mafia

A rival of USA

In East Europe and Asia


Democracy in Iran

Exist for one super man

Just for supreme leader

Certainly for no woman


The Sheikhs in the Arab world

Just splash tonnes of gold

To have their men in power

In their way they are so bold


And fairness in Israel

I can write one big novel

Exist just for certain Jews

Those who do not quarrel


There is no democracy

You just see hypocrisy

Cast vote just every four/five years

See no transparency

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