Iranian Ignorance

Humanity is what we make of it
To be silent on fabricated truth you sit
The garment that holds you together tears and  bleeds
Baptised on the shores of a crimson sea
Dissonant screams of mercy engulf the past
An all encompassing fear is cast
Even a child’s heart is riddled with greed
An idea that festers with a single seed
The holy and divine spitefully fall from grace
Sowing on a different skin for every person you face
The piercing hatred of a basijis gaze
A hollowed mind becomes a comforting grave
Suffering but only a mundane sight
Against a tyrant not one but many can fight
Paraded in a seacpool of confusion
Longing for the bitterness of seclusion
A meeting with your maker in evin prison
To be hung at the gallows for Richeous treason
Subliminally indoctrinating  even God himself
Losing the identity of ones true self
Lores of freedom that in malice corrode
We march on a silk road only to erode
An agreement between man and death 
Branded into exposed flesh the bond is set
Lobotomized into religious confusion
A story left without a just conclusion
Creator shade the canvas with a death like hue
The minds of the open left only a few
To Breath an unbearable feat
Terminate thought and oblivion you shall meet
Befriended by the very evil you resent
Cradled into a bottomless a descent

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