Refugee Dilemma In Europe

The Russian air force has been bombing indiscriminately all anti-Assad opposition groups during the last month. The raids are the result of an accord between the Kremlin, Assad and the Islamic regime in order to keep Assad in power. The Russian air force covers the ground armies of both Syria and Iran (the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC) to make swift progress on all fronts recapturing the areas that the opposition troops including ISIS had seized.

It is believed that only less than 20% of these military attacks target the Islamic State (ISIS), more than 80% of these attacks are reportedly carried out against the other anti-Assad opposition groups. These are coordinated with the military actions between the Russian air force and the ground armies from Syria and Iran.

Putin and Mullahs support Assad to advance their influence in the region at any cost. For them, the doomed fate of Syrian people who are victims of Assad’s dictatorship, from whom over 250,000 were massacred, have no value. Russia is the largest supplier of Arms to Assad, arms used to kill innocent people. In addition to Assad, Russia and the IRGC are accountable for this refugee crisis too.

Russia claims their raids are limited to three or four months, but nobody believes this deadline and that Russia ends raids in 3-4 months. In reality, the Russian military intervention is a political deal with Mullahs to keep Assad in power. In this deal, the military intervention can very likely last as long as Assad is in power.

Massive air and ground attacks on Syria have created more insecurity in the region. The civil people, mostly those who have been living or camping out of the territories controlled by the Assad’s army, must now escape flee the jeopardised region and head out to where they can find political asylum.

The deal between Putin, Assad and Mullahs has considerably raised the number of Syrian refugees who make a long way from Turkey, Greece, and the Western Balkans to reach a safe country, preferably Germany.

The German government first promised to receive an estimated one million of asylum seekers and friendly opened the borders, despite the Schengen agreement which says, asylum seekers who travel to Germany via a safe third country are not accepted. However, Germany hardened up the soft policy when the local authorities signalled practical problems to receive an overwhelming number of the refugees. Moreover, they put the idea forth that ISIS or other Islamic fighters can be disguised among the asylum seekers.

Since the revolts of the Syrian people in 2011 against Bashar Assad, Millions of suppressed people have been forced to leave their country camping in the neighbouring countries. They hope to return home when Assad is removed. The intervention of Putin and the Mullah’s troops reduce the possibility that Assad can be removed soon. This is the reason that millions of Syrians disappointingly leave the unsafe region and seek asylum in safe countries.

Face to their massive displacements, European countries now build walls and seal their borders to block their arrival. The early solidarity of European people / countries toward the refugees changed little by little into an apathy or even a refusal. Apart from the technical problems, one of the psychological reasons for this moral change of refusal seems to be the attitude of Russia that is responsible for this human tragedy, but does not contribute any aid to the refugees. It is so that Europeans must pay for the damage caused by Russians.

The wave of migrants mostly from Africa and Middle East landing on the sol of Europe has reached over millions in the last decades. These massive displacements are the result of Libya war, the Spring Revolution, terrors of the Islamic groups, and of course all economic consequences of them.

Since the inception of the Islamic regime in Iran and then in Afghanistan, a number of refugees, from as far away as Afghanistan, reached the European Union through Turkey to Greece and Bulgaria. Such massive human displacements had consequent problems so that a very big majority of demands of political asylum were rejected. A majority of asylum applications were initially refused and the asylum seekers were facing complicated administrative problems. Some of them were forced to voluntarily go back or even being deported to the countries they came from.

But the recent wave of asylum seekers from Syria is the result of Putin’s and Mullahs’ deadly military intervention and does not seem to have an immediate end. From this perspective, the asylum seekers cannot be sent back to their war area. This would be a violation to the Geneva Convention.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the EU parliament and the UN authorities must find adequate and immediate solutions to the millions of helpless refugees who are now camping in the cold autumn behind the sealed borders of Europe.

Politically, the removal of Assad for killing over 250,000 humans must be a serious agenda of the international community mandated by the UN.

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