Destabilization Of World Peace: Ignoring Nuclear Agreement With Iran

The agreement signed in July 2015 between P5 + 1 and Iran’s representative might be decertified by the United States which will set a dangerous situation for international peace. The United State’s government is under pressure from a few lobby groups, which are controlling America’s foreign policy.

The U.N. watchdog tasked with monitoring Iran’s nuclear activities certified a week ago that the country remains in compliance with the 2015 agreement struck with world powers, even as the Trump administration has threatened to withdraw from the deal. IAEA also verified that Iran has been in compliance.

The Iranian government has been certified via reviews that they have met all of the requirements of the Nuclear Accord. There was nothing in the Accord about missiles or “terrorist” activity. Those were issues to be dealt with on a case by case basis at a later time.

In regard to terrorism, Saudi Arabia and UAE are financially supporting ISIS, Taliban, Jendalah, Al-Qaeda (oil-Qaeda), Boko Haram. In September interview of a native Somali citizen, it was mentioned that the UAE financially supports Al-Shabab which its members are terrorizing Somali citizens using Western made arms.

With respect to return of the money to Iran; during the Shah of Iran’s time, Iran had invested money in USA companies and buildings. This investment money in essence was the Iranian’s money that was not for the U.S. to keep. The USA in keeping the funds or letting US courts to pay unfounded claims unfairly took advantage of the fact that the name of Iran mentioned in the claims. No one from Iran was present at courts. The bogus claims drained Iranian holdings in the USA and other Western countries. A fraction of Iranian money was returned to Iran after the agreement was signed.

Looking over many treaties in its history, starting with Native nations, it is clear that the United States does not always honor its accords.

The list of countries that the USA, Russia, and the UK have bombed preemptively, tried to overthrow, sabotage or otherwise destroy since WWII exceeds one page.

If there is one thing at which rebukes are most inept, it is the laws of unintended consequences! Rule #1) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. #2) Leave nation- building to each nation and international organizations to judge #3) Be honest. There are two sides to every issue and ignoring the other is guaranteed international failure. #4) Know what it is you really want and why. If you have to support lobby group(s) such as AIPAC, it will be dangerous to international peace.

In its quarterly report to member states, the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran’s stock of low-enriched uranium, which is used for peaceful purposes, is in line with the nuclear agreement, as is the number of centrifuges used for enrichment (Washington Post, 8/31/2017).

The nuclear agreement in 2015 wasn’t designed to magically transform Iran into a friend of the USA or United Kingdom. It wasn’t designed to get them to stop any activities to secure power in West Asia and its influence in the Persian Gulf region. Such goals were and are unreasonable. The agreement was designed purely to stop their march to nuclear weapons. In the world of diplomacy, there aren’t grand victories–there are compromises. Do Western countries and Russia need to be stoking the fires of conflict and war in many parts of the world including Korean peninsula and in the Persian Gulf? Mr. Trump’s refusal to call the Persian Gulf by its correct name in last week’s speech (10/13/2017) is in fact an addition to his long list of unfounded statements and his lack of historical knowledge.

Iran has survived much bigger and nastier threats from Russia, Arab countries, and other outside forces in its more than 3000 year’s history and has always been able to stand up and rebuild. Western history also shows that there is lack of trust in foreign policy which is not justified and warranted. Every region of the world and its people have been affected by this foreign policy, from Latin America to Asia (West and East regions). From using Nukes to selling WMD to dictators, to unjustifiable invasion and occupation. Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all victims of similar foreign policy. There are all undeniable historical facts embodied in millions of dead and injured people, especially civilians and children, and these facts should be used as evidences in international courts.

Interviews of a dozen of Iranian citizens living in Iran revealed that they were worried that someone similar to Colonel Colin Powell will stand in front of the United Nations and show documents that Iran either has Weapons of Mass Destruction similar to Iraq or it has nuclear arms. The lies about Iraq having WMD prepared Western public minds to justify attacks on Iraq with no end in sight as of to date.

If the agreement with Iran can be ignored, how can Western countries make a deal with Afghanistan or North Korea?

Looking over many treaties in its history, starting with Native nations, it is clear that the United States does not always honor its accords. There were proclamations that “All men were created equal,” which has come to mean some men are more equal, because Native American people were savages, blacks were slaves, and recently if we were or are from West Asia, we would be treated differently, not equal to some people in Western countries.

Why cannot those countries that have nuclear arsenals in hundreds (and a few with over 4000 nuclear war heads) stop preaching to other nations and set examples by giving up or reducing their own arsenals?

Many of the sanctions on Iran that were imposed by Western countries were illegal and went against international laws and norms; such was the case with the Chicago Convention.

Just as every day Iranians should not be considered terrorist or the enemy, neither should everyday Americans or British people be the Iranians’ enemy. Politicians should be the enemy when they will not and cannot speak for the common every man, woman and child of many races and countries. Common sense either will prevail, the cost if it does not might be the end of humanity.

As long as Iranians remain independent, Western, Russian and Chinese policies and goals towards them will not change. These countries will continue their covert and overt operations to control Iran’s natural resources especially oil and gas. The weakening of Iran because of illegal sanctions will continue after a period of calm that lasted only two years. Nothing will change for Iranians or their human lives or their human rights which have been the least of the concern for P5 + 1 countries.

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