Poll: Ranking The World’s Biggest Iranophobes

Iranophobia is in vogue these days, spreading like a bad cold. Unless you’ve buried your head in the sand to avoid the news and social media for the last few weeks, you’d be hard-pressed not to notice the crescendo of anti-Iran rhetoric coming from the US, Israel and certain Arab capitals.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif is accurately calling this coordinated effort ‘psychological war’ against Iran.

On an almost daily basis, bonafide Iranophobes the likes of Bolton, Pompeo, Netanyahu and others accuse Iran of everything under the sun.

Instability in Syria? Iran’s fault.

Russia giving Syria the vaunted S-300 defense missile system? Iran’s fault.

Irresponsible Israeli air force maneuvers that lead to the downing of a Russian surveillance plane? Iran’s fault.

Israel’s oppression and the almost daily killing of innocent Palestinians? Iran’s fault.

Rising cost of gas in the US? Iran’s fault.

Earthquake in Indonesia? Mmmm, Iran.

Trump getting lap dances from strippers? Fuck it, Iran’s fault.

Suffice it to say, the xenophobic Trump administration is hell-bent on making life really, really hard on ordinary Iranians (which by the way includes Iranian-Americans) and unless the rhetoric subsides, the two arch rivals may very well be headed towards a military confrontation; a confrontation that could spiral out of control and even draw in other countries.

With the season changing and Iranophobia’s stench thickly polluting our air, I have compiled a list of the biggest Iranophobes. As far as I am concerned these are la crème de la crème, but if I missed any all-star Iranophobes worthy of this list, please suggest them in the comments below and I will try to add them.

Cast your vote(s) below:

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