Boeing to deliver more than 1,000 missiles to Saudi Arabia

Boeing has won two contracts worth $2.6 billion to deliver more than 1,000 air-to-surface and anti-ship missiles to Saudi Arabia, the US’ defence department announced yesterday.

In an official statement, the Pentagon explained that the first contract was worth $1.97 billion, adding that it would include “modernizing SLAM ER cruise missiles and delivering 650 new missiles in support of the government of Saudi Arabia.”

The statement pointed out that the contract would be “completed by December 2028 for the SLAM ERs.” The latter is GPS-guided air-to-surface missile with a range of up to 155 nautical miles.

The Pentagon also said that the second $650 million contract was for the “delivery of 467 new Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles, including more than 400 to Saudi Arabia.”

“The rest will be delivered to Brazil, Qatar and Thailand. Support equipment will be supplied to India, Japan, the Netherlands and South Korea,” the statement added, according to AFP.

The giant aerospace and missile manufacturer recently said that the new contracts would “ensure the continuation of the Harpoon program through 2026 and restart the SLAM ER production line.”

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