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The game at Ghamishlou
Photo essay: Hunting & life under Zell-e Sultan

By Abbas Soltani
December 2, 2003
The Iranian

Here are the other photos of Ghamishlou [See: Open season on sultans] from Zell-e Sultan's fortress, Zell-e Sultani himself, his son and his servants. I scanned these from the originals that my family had. As I mentioned before, the Ghamishlou region has one of the best game reserves and from what I've been told, it ranks among the top 10 in Asia.

Up to the 1979 revolution, the area was the exclusive hunting ground of Zell-e Sultan, Sarem-e Doleh and their Qajar clan. One story is that a person from Tiran, a village nearby, was caught hunting in the area. He was captured and brought to Ghamishlou where Zell-e Sultan had tied him in the stable among the livestock to teach him a lesson for his intrusion.

After the revolution, during a decade of chaos, poachers hunted most of the animals to the point of extinction. Since then, the Wildlife Preserve people have done an amazing job of protecting the area where today herds of 700-800 are not unheard of.

These pictures should give you a brief insight to what it was at Ghamishlou at its peak.

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Mass'oud Mirza Zell-e Sultan; "Shadow of the King",
Governor of Isfahan, son of Naserdin Shah.

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By Abbas Soltani
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