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By Shadi Assar
January 22, 2003
The Iranian

Wood cracking, fire sizzling...
Orange peels thrown in for curiosity
The scented spirals of smoke entertain her nose
/.As the heat roses her cheeks

Hafez's lyrics are chanted
And moaned in the dark alleys of light
In rapture - she can not contain

Wrapping a green scarf around her hair
..To the touch of her lip
She steps into the maze - hazed

Shiny, emerald eyes stare at her
Purring for affection
Its back arches at the touch of her hand

Chanting of his ancient kisses gets louder
The familiar verses tickle her stomach
And whisper on the back of her neck

She sways to the music -
..twirling her hands
As if each finger were its own dancer

The green scarf falls to the floor
When the last verse is echoed to silence
The scarf turns completely blush
..And flies away with the wind

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