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Certain type of faces
Davoodi's "Faces of Tehran"

August 22, 2004

i have been feeling uncomfortable for the past few days after looking at your pics from people in tehran [Faces of Tehran]. maybe i am not familiar with artistic styles but what i see as a resident of tehran is a number of pics taken from a particular class of people in special places where you frequented during your stay here. look at the ever-present white tiles of traditional tea houses or baghali which happens to be quite interesting locations to you. i did not see one single university student carrying books, or employees carrying their laptops.

the first thing you see in tehran is the young generation in strange outfits and hairdo, as if they want to prove something or are objecting someone.  people carrying their musical instruments, boys with picked eyebrows which may be disgusting to people my age, and young boys and girls with torn jeans. i am quite sure they want to show something to someone, but i do not know that thing and that person.

i see them almost everyday whenever i get out of home or look out of the window of my office. i do not have any problem with the pictures you have taken. you could take the same pics from similar group of people you met almost everywhere, from cairo and damascus to central asian republics. my probelm is with the name you have chosen.

first of all your excuse about not being allowed to take picture of women is accepted but then you should change the title of your gallery into "faces of men in tehran" and not only that, in my opinion the title should be "faces of some of the men in traditional tea houses and BAGHALIS in tehran".

i know it is a trend among iranian artists to show the poverty and illiteracy in their country (following the method of iranian film directors) but for me as a resident in tehran this pictorial discription of people here is unrealistic. i have an advice for you. next time you are here call me to show you around the two to see groups of people you apparently  never know exist. let me take you to art galleries, music and computer institutes, and sport clubs.

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By Nader Davoodi



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