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It is honky-dory, my friend

Mohammad Seifikar
October 21, 2004

I composed these poems a few months ago while the details about what was happening in Abu Gharib began to emerge. I want to share them with others, especially before the election, because they deal with current events. I call this collection of f poems, "It is honky-dory, my friend".

* The Thief of Baghdad

He rubbed the lamp
Hundreds of thousands of soldiers
Came rushing out

He used them to rob Baghdad,
To get his hands on
Hundreds of thousands of oil wells

"Iraq is getting back to normal
Arab media are lying
The refineries are working
The oil export is at the highest level"

* I need a visa

I need a visa
A resident's permit
I need a pass
To a beautiful land
To a place where
Folks are friendly
People are fair
And there are no outsiders.

I once thought I found this land
But things changed
Ill winds brought ill wills
They took back their welcome
They asked me to leave

* Thoughts on Abu Gharib

Torture me,
It may be necessary.
I have no state secret.
But it is just possible that
Once I may have met someone
Who could have known someone else
Who might have been an acquaintance of another
Who was possibly connected to some violent group

Torture me,
It may be necessary.
I am not with you
I am also not with them
But I am not hopeful that
You would believe me

Torture me,
It may be necessary
I do not support your wars
I am not fooled by your lies and media
I will resist you with my pen until I am dead
So if you want to stop me
You must make up your mind
It may be necessary,
To torture me

* Hawk, Hawk, Super Hawk

I am that very super hawk
Which kills every creature in site
No compassion, no mercy for my victims
I torture them and then vaporize them

Old Rummy
You are just a chicken hawk
Your methods are choked with caution
Your softly, softly approach makes me sick

You old softie
Will not take off your gloves
Too chicken to use our full arsenal
You fight like Saddam's whores
Are you on the Iranian payroll?

Me thinks,
You need a Patton slap

Me thinks,
You liberal pinko
Need to step aside
This fight is for the patriots
Not for the tender-hearted
Nor the philanthropic

Accept the Mother Teresa award
And leave your post
So we can fight

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Mohammad Seifikar



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