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A twist of fate
Story of love, betrayal and destiny, Part 1


Daniel Zangeneh
January 2, 2006

"Love you" were the last words Arash and Mitra exchanged that morning after their passionate kiss.  Arash picked up his laptop case and gazed outside.  It was a gloomy day, the air was crisp and the clouds were dark and ready to cry down.  The ocean was screaming with a loud echo.  He lighted a cigarette and started his car while admiring the ocean view.  For no apparent reason, this day was not like any other. 

Arash's heart was heavy and a strange melancholy had taken over him. He looked at his tired eyes and distressed face in the mirror and pulled his long hair back. ; “One of these days I have to cut this thing shorter,” he told himself.  

For a second, he thought it might be the nightmare he had a few nights ago.   He dreamt that Mitra and a guy were in a passionate embrace in his bedroom. “It’s crazy! Too far fetched, it was just a stupid dream.” he told himself.  He and Mitra were madly in love.  Even though they had met just a few months ago, they had a strong connection, like two old friends. She was the best of the best.  A simple girl with simple needs such as love and trust.  She was caring, artistic and most of all, she was humane and compassionate.

Arash started his sporty car and played one of his favorite songs, U2’s "A Beautiful Day" to cheer himself up.  For him, driving along the beach line in the mornings was an awesome experience. And, the beach was his sanctuary, a place that he couldn’t live without.  But today felt different.  He wasn’t his usual cheerful, free spirited guy. He could not enjoy the serenity of a view that had given him such pleasure in the past.  His expression was so sad that if you did not know, you would think he had experienced a great personal loss. For a moment he thought he needed some reassurance from Mitra to calm his mind.   He picked up his cell phone and called Mitra.  But her cell phone was turned off.

He stopped at the red light. His dream was still lingering and tugging at his mind.  His depressed face turned to the ocean again and suddenly he heard a big bang and everything went blank.  He was rear ended by another car. Blood began to trickle down his face, blocking his vision but still he could see the red light. He was breathing heavily. His body was trembling.  For a second he thought that he was about to die. He attempted to open the door but he was too weak.  A few drivers pulled over to help him.  Minutes later, he could hear the sound of police and ambulance sirens coming from a distance.

At the Emergency Room, nurses and two doctors were trying hard to stop the bleeding.  One of the doctor looked like an Iranian.  In a few hours Arash was good as new with the exception of some stitches on his head.  A nurse stopped by his bed to take him for an X-Ray and gave him some medication to stop the pain.  An hour later, one of the doctors came back to his section and said, “Hello, how you feeling?”

“I am good, I think! Just tired.” Arash replied.

“Oh, you feel tired because of the medication we gave you to stop the pain, but do you mind if I ask you a question?... Arash is a Persian name, are you Persian?” He said.

“Yes”, Arash said with a feeble smile.

“Salam”, said the Doctor said with a grin.

Suddenly, the Doctor’s cell phone started to play a Beethoven ring tone.  He looked at the number and said, “Sorry, I will be with you in a minute, I have to take this call.”

“Salam Mitra jan, how are you today?  Where have you been? I tried to call you so many times but your cell phone was turned off.  Did you get my emails?” Said the Doctor with anticipation.  Arash couldn’t hear the answer, but after a minute the doctor said “Oh! I am glad your sister is better now.  Anyways, what are you doing tonight? Can I see you?”

The Doctor walked away from Arash's bed.  He was a short guy with a small beer belly, short hair cut and a thin mustache. A few minutes later, he came back and said, “sorry, my girlfriend.” Arash’s curiosity to find out who was his girlfriend was killing him. “How many Mitras could possibly live in this town?” He pondered.

“Your girlfriend?”  Arash asked him.

“Yes, we met over the Net a few weeks ago. This internet thing is amazing; I don’t trust anyone on the net. But, when I saw her picture and profile, I decided that she was mine. She is beautiful and artistic” he replied, with a smile.

“Sorry to intrude, but is she a doctor too? Just curious, I heard most doctors are more comfortable getting married to other doctors?” Arash asked.

“No, that is not true. She happens to be a HealthCare Analyst. Although she is fun and sex is great, But, I don’t have any intention of getting married to her. I don’t think it will last; maybe for a few months." said the Doctor.

Arash’s heart started to pound as if he just finished a 100 dash. Coincidentally, Mitra was a HealthCare Analyst too.  Arash was speechless. His mouth became so dry that words could not get out. He was baffled and could only mutter the word "why" under his breath.  He was devastated; after all, he had loved her. He wanted to grab his neck and kill that son of bitch. His mind started racing ... “But, she keeps telling me that I am so honest, how could she do such a horrible thing? In fact, she was the one who was lecturing me about the importance of love, trust and honesty!” 

A few hours later, the police arrived to the hospital.  They towed his car and brought back his laptop case, along with other personal belongings, as well as to get a report about the accident.  He couldn’t wait anymore; nervously he took his cell phone and pressed her name:

“Salam azizam, where are you? I kept calling you. I was so worried that I couldn’t work at all!  Said Mitra with concern.

“Why, what happened?”,  Arash asks cautiously.

“I was thinking about us and how much I love you.  Do you know that I can’t live without you?” Mitra said passionately.

“Me too, I was thinking about the same thing.  I will tell you all about it when I see you tonight” Arash replied.

“Tonight?  Sorry, I have to see my sister and then we are planning to go to her country home, you know how she is, right?  She doesn’t even let me to use my cell phone. She wants me to stay with her for a day or two, but I will call you!”   >>> Part 2 - Part 3

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