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A twist of fate
Story of love, betrayal and destiny, Part 3 (final)


Daniel Zangeneh
January 12, 2006

Arash was released from the hospital. Devastated and miserable by the whole situation, he didn't know what to do. The word "why" was the only thing on his mind. He went over and over, analyzing his relationship with Mitra. But he couldn't find any good or rational answers for what she had done. He felt rejected and heartbroken. The taxi came to pick him up from the hospital.

The weather had cleared up after the rain. It was a peaceful evening. The driver asked him if he would mind if he played music and then he put a country song on. It was about losing love. Arash's heart was aching. He couldn't stand that "damn country shit", he thought. They reached Jasmine Street, close to his place and the beach. He asked the driver to stop there. He was totally medicated but he decided to go and sit by the ocean.

Mitra was still crying. She didn't know how to put things together. It was like someone had stabbed her with a knife in her chest. The pain from the whole situation was overwhelming. She couldn't foresee any hope. Her life seemed bleak and futile.

She contemplated the idea of killing herself again. Her light skin became so pale as if she was dead. Her mind was racing fast, "I am not worthy of anything anymore. I am just a dirty prostitute who is not worth Arash or anyone else! Is there any chance that he might forgive me? No, he never would." she argued to herself. Sara with a worrying look was nursing her sister. She knew she shouldn't leave her alone. It broke her heart to see her beautiful sister in such a state of angst and uncertainty.

On the beach, Arash was gazing at the calm waves slowly hitting the sandy surface. He loved that. He watched the sea birds playing around, fighting over food. Arash felt inspired by the serenity of his environment and got a piece of paper and started to write a poem to release some of his frustration. He decided to call it "End of the Ends." He was thinking about the end of everything, about the game of life and love.

With a trembling hand, he wrote "To her, who didn't know" He thought of his childhood, when everything was innocent and there was not so much dishonesty and deception. "Is there anyone out there who doesn't lie?" he shouted. "I loved you damn it, should I give her another chance?" he kept asking himself. As he was deep in his thoughts, he noticed a shady group of guys approaching him from a distant.

Mitra couldn't sleep that night, she looked defeated. Sara decided to give her a sleeping Pill. The next morning, Mitra woke up. "Good morning, I made your favorite breakfast, pancake, with Canadian syrup, you'll love it" said Sara, laughing to cheer her sister up. She turned on the TV and said "I promise, everything will be all right, my dear."

Suddenly, there was breaking news on the local TV. "A man was found shot to death near Jasmine Street... Police would not elaborate on the incident, but have confirmed that the victim's first name is Arash and that he was an employee of a local High Tech Company. His neighbors remember him as a kind Iranian/American who loved the ocean, animals and poetry..." -- The end
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