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Pegah's dream
Photo essay: Fall 2005 fashion


Pegah Anvarian
October 25, 2005

Los Angeles-based designer Pegah Anvarian grew up in Dallas, Texas, to a photographer father and educator mother, who taught her how to sew at the age of six. Together with her grandmother, Pegah’s family encouraged creativity in the home, prompting Pegah to design her own clothes from age eight. Inspired by her love of sewing, fabrics, and color, Pegah recognized that working with clothes was her calling, and quickly moved to New York in 1996 to realize her dream >>> See bio

Thanks to Sanaz Khalaj for forwarding Anvarian's web site

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Pegah Anvarian


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The Pursuit of Pleasure
Drugs and Stimulants in Iranian History, 1500-1900
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