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No veil is required
Photo essay: A multi-media presentation in Chicago


Amir Normandi
October 20, 2005

There is no justification for the oppression of human beings by other human beings, let alone under the name of god.

Human wisdom and passion has excelled to a level to create laws in protection of our environment and its inhabitants. It is unconscionable to accept the extreme gender inequality, which in many areas reaches the extent of gender apartheid, to be tolerated as traditional norms of life.

As my sisters and their daughters demanded in their courageous gathering outside the Tehran University’s main gate on March 08, 2005; women’s rights IS human rights, women’s freedom is equality for everyone.

This multi media presentation is dedicated to the women of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Jordan, Egypt, and is a tribute to Iranian/Canadian photographer Zahra ZIBA Kazemi and Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh who lost their lives in defense of human rights.


As a part of "CHICAGO ARTISTS' MONTH" the "No Veil is Required" exhibit is being show cased in five venues which started September 30th 2005 and will go on until November 27th.  This weekend as a part of 18TH STREET PILSEN OPEN STUDIOS the exhibit is open to the public from 11 to 7 both Saturday and Sunday at 1714 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. This exhibit is invited by the International Study Program and Art Department of the Harper College at the Upper level, Bulg. "P"  1200 W. Algonquin Rd., Palatine, IL. from October 26th to November 26th. This exhibit also features works by: Tim Arroyo, Bruce Powell and Rosy Torres. More Info (312) 942 - 1200.

Amir Normandi,

No Veil is Required,
A multi-media presentation

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