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Two gardens
Photos essay: Japanese and Chinese gardens

Roshanak Keyghobadi
September 9, 2005

I recently visited two exquisite gardens; the Japanese Garden of Portland, Oregon and the Chinese Garden of Vancouver, Canada. In both gardens the arrangement of walkways, plants, water, stones and rocks along with the architecture created a sense of harmony, balance and tranquility which fascinated me. They were safe shelter from the busy contemporary life and were places to stop, look, listen and meditate.

* Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon (20 pix)
* Chinese Garden in Vancouver, Canada (15 pix)

Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon

Pagoda and tree
Click on image to see 20

Click on image to see 20

All Photos Copyright by Roshanak Keyghobadi 2005

Roshanak Keyghobadi is an artist and graphic designer. She lives in New York City.

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