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Sweet dreams

Jafar Nasiri Shahraki
April 27, 2006

Jafar was born in the small village of Shahrak, in the valleys of Alamut. When only two years old, he was featured in a photo essay on poverty in the region in an Iranian magazine. The magazine's expose of the social conditions of the area resulted in steps taken by the government to rectify the situation: roads were built and clean water supplies were provided, etc. The magazine's photo essay became a regional social icon. The young Jafar grew up with a belief in the power of the photograph to bring about social change. In his teens he decided to become a photographer himself and document life in the Alamut region. He learnt photography and joined a young people's arts club. Soon he started to produce beautiful color prints showing all aspects of life in the region. Later, he helped organize the first Association of Photographers of the Qazvin (Alamut) area, arranging exhibitions and slide shows in the villages of Alamut. Jafar is a remarkable example of a 'native' documentary photographer >>>

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Jafar Nasiri Shahraki




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