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Pulling up the curtain
The regime in Iran has been and still is (secretly) in bed with the United States


September 9, 2006

We’ve been pushing for regime change and democracy in Iran for over 25 years – and all along the regime in Iran has been and still is (secretly) in bed with the United States government!!

The key in politics is to see what people are doing not saying. In the United States especially, there is a keen political tradition of saying one thing forcefully and then quietly doing the opposite. US rhetoric and subsequent actions on Iran have followed the same pattern.

The regime in Iran has been accused of everything under the sun – yet strangely life goes on unimpeded for the regime… day after day, year after year, decade after decade. The Mullahs have ruled for longer than the former Shah – and achieved every single goal they have set out for themselves. They have been very successful.

In our interconnected global economy no one can succeed without approval and assistance of the United States. Yes, the Mullah’s have ruled through covert US government support. They are in bed with each other.

How could this be?

While it is true that there were direct hostilities during the Carter administration with the humiliation of US embassy hostages; and that Jimmy Carter ended up precipitating the Iran-Iraq war in retaliation.  The Republican Party posture was markedly different. The Bushes especially have been in bed with the Mullahs for over 25 years. Daddy Bush after all helped execute the deal with the Mullahs to extend their hospitality to the hostages right through the presidential elections in 1980, and thus assured a Republican victory. Secret, more back room direct meetings brought the Bushes and the Mullahs even closer. Upon the release of the hostages, the Algiers treaty was signed between the two nations providing Iran with full security assurances from the United States. Iran then ably assisted in Reagan’s covert anti-communist war in Central America. And, by the way, they rounded up, locked up, tortured and killed all the communists that surfaced during the revolution in Iran.

This was the beginning of the back room affair. But let’s look at what has happened more recently.

Right after 9/11, Iran came to the rescue by handing over its drug lord puppets in Afghanistan – the Northern Alliance – to assist in the invasion of Afghanistan. And assist, they did. After 20 years of financial assistance from Iran; utilizing Iranian military hardware, and with minimal coalition casualties, the Taliban were ousted.

Then let’s see what we have in Iraq? Virtually every one of their current government’s predominantly Shiite cabinet members was sheltered in Iran during the Saddam era. Some lived in Iran for over 20 years with direct Iranian government support. And again, we find the United States aligning with Iranian puppets to carry out its policies. The Mullahs must be in bed with America! The Sunni minority in Iraq has figured this out and hence we have the daily bombings of Shiite neighborhoods, businesses and leaders. The Sunnis have realized that Americans and Iranians are in bed with each other.

Oh, forget the rhetoric, look at results. America has achieved or is achieving every one of its goals ‘using’ Iran’s Mullahs.

The Mullahs have serviced US regional goals in exchange for ‘power’. The Mullahs are US servants – or slaves. They are whores in religious garb. They will do anything to keep their grab on power - giving away Iran’s interests in exchange for power. And their US masters know it. The Mullahs are kept scared (of losing power) and are told what to do. They have pissed on Iranian national interests in exchange for their personal gain.

Another example is US and British grab for trillions of dollars of oil and gas from the Caspian Sea from regions now claimed by the newly independent (former Soviet) States that were (and are still) claimed by Iran. Publicly, the US has claimed this to be a result of their policy of ‘containing’ Iran. I think we should call this Mullah Treason - not containment. By any international norm, 50% of the Caspian Sea belongs to Iran. Iranian wealth is being literally stolen – without even a squeak from the Mullahs.

As for Iran’s nuclear ambitions, well let’s be adults about this. It’s all a ploy to establish a new, very large, emerging market for nuclear power plants – especially on the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf. In the US alone, for the first time in 20 years, a permit was just recently issued for new nuclear power plant. The local people (once opposed to Nuclear energy) are saying, well if the Iranians with all their oil and gas are investing in Nuclear energy then Nuclear power must be the future way to go (once resources are exhausted). No one opposed the permit application in the US (a rare event). I am sure soon they will be breaking ground in Saudi Arabia, Dubai … for American designed nuclear power plants.

The game here is to use Iran’s ambitions to create a new market for nuclear power plants globally for US companies. Iran will build its plant. Iran will eventually joint venture its enrichment process with a ‘non-Iranian’ company - thus establishing the business model US is looking for (sell them the razor, and then make money on the blades… i.e. sell the plant and then sock it to them by selling enriched uranium for the plant). You can hear the statement a thousand miles away: "It will only be through ‘foreign’ ownership of the enrichment process that the world will be ‘assured’ of no diversion of material for non-military purposes" especially for the ‘terrorist’ states like Iran. In order to make the point on the ‘propriety of the enrichment process’ the United States might have to put on a dummy war against Iran (possibly through Israel) - to simply let the Saudi’s and others realize that ‘hold it, the enrichment process has to stay in 'western' hands'. But it will be a dummy skirmish designed to fool everyone.

Another example is continuing US economic sanctions and the current threat of global sanctions against Iran. First of all, as we all know every American product is available in Iran. American companies are able to export without impediments through their subsidiaries in Europe or Dubai. Major oil service companies such as Haliburton and Schlumberger have been active in Iran since the revolution without any impediments - providing well logging data, cementation etc. for oil and gas fields. It is self evident that the issue of sanctions has become a political football during another election cycle in the US … no meat added to the bone. The deadlines came and went. As they say in Iran the issue “malid” …or was wiped off the slate.

I do not know about you, but I am getting tired of this subterfuge. Why don’t they just normalize relations instead of hiding behind a curtain? Let them come out in the open and say, yes we have had a secret affair for a long time and now we’re going to get married. It’s time to make it formal.

Another group that have been been fooled really badly are America’s current enemies. You see the Mullahs cozy up to the North Koreans and then feed back information about North Korea’s programs to the US. And the North Koreans of course tell it all to the Iranians - they after all have believe America's rhetoric. The Iranians then cozy up with all these phony anti-imperialist pretenders ....Castro (the Cuban), or Chavez (the Venezuelan), or Putin (the Russian ...God knows what he really stands for) and then report it all back to their American Masters. Even Hezbollah and Hamas are being conned by Iran's Mullahs. Oh, for sure the Iranians have given them money and purchased influence and penetration into these organizations… and in turn fed information back to Americans and helped Israel engineer Hezbollah's and Hamas’s demise. Oh where were you Mr. Mullah when Israel was bombing Lebanon… was a hadfull of volunteers all you could muster up?

Give us all a break. The game has to stop.

To add insult to injury, both American political parties have been milking the Iranian-American population pretending that regime change will be around the corner if they contribute to their political campaigns. Millions, perhaps billions of dollars have been wasted by Iranian-Americans and as we all know the Mullahs are getting stronger every day.

The US has never had any intentions of destabilizing the Mullahs. They are a convenient regime that has been most able to extend US foreign policy objectives in the region.

This November election cycle don’t give a penny to the bums. Call them for what they are … a bunch of two faced liars. They have taken your money and your votes and turned right around and continued working with the Mullahs. There is nothing we can say or do. They are completely in bed with each other.

With Ahamdinejad getting all this TV air time and Khatami in the US this week for ‘talks’, you can see the stage is being set for ‘normalization’. Khatami, no less, was a masterfull deciever ... playing the reform card while repression in Iran hit a record high - student killings, newspaper closures ...

They have been in bed all this time…it will be 30 years in 3 years! Forget the words …look at their deeds. Remember: the more they insult the Mullah’s the more in bed they are with each other. Whichever American politician insults Iran the most … is more in bed with them. Its simply double crossing. We have been fooled all these years… they have partnered in fooling us all!!

How credible is Bush’s doctrine of bringing democracy to the Middle East?

If as Bush claims Iran is a terrorist state, then does being in bed with a terrorist make Bush a terrorist too?! Hold on a minute, did he not bush get elected by carrying the American Christian fundamentalist's vote in the United States? If Iran's Mullahs are Islamic Fascists, and they are in bed with Bush, then might Bush and his cohorts be Christian Fascists? (We all know that KKK leaders like David Duke have run on a Republican ticket in the South - on an anti-zionist, pro-religious platforms like Ahmadinejad!) Comment

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