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Stabbing at Muslims
The simple point I am making is, that Rushdie is actually being rewarded for causing controversy in the Muslim world
June 25, 2007

Pulling up the curtain
The regime in Iran has been and still is (secretly) in bed with the United States
September 9, 2006

Dubya looking like a big ‘L’
Without dealing with the Mullahs, history will judge George Bush’s work as unfinished
April 28, 2006

Dividing Iran
Israel’s response to Ahmadinejad
November 10 , 2005

False opposition
The Mojahedin reinforce the IRI
October 31 , 2005

Mullahs 3 - USA 0
Latest score in the Middle East
July 27, 2005

Following articles were originally written under the pen name "Bamdad":

Nuke mullahs
A nuclear future may be inevitable, tyranny is not
May 10, 2005

Regime change
NIAC does not represent all Iranian Americans
April 22, 2005

And the winner is... Qom
While Mr. Bush publicly denounces the IRI and promises to help the opposition, he has in fact done everything imaginable to reinforce the regime in Tehran
February 16, 2005

Appeasing Islamic Fascism
The mullahs must go ... and go now! Rapprochement comes later
January 31, 2005

Embarrassing those that have been systematically dragging Islam and Muslims down
January 3, 2005

Turkish myopia
Turks have much more in common with their Asian neighbors
December 26, 2004

The ketchup surprise
The Bush & Heinz families' dirty Iranian secret
October 12, 2004

Jimmy Carter, hide your head in shame
Anniversary of the Iran-Iraq War
September 17, 2004

Caspian disaster
And Iran cannot do a damn thing about it
September 8, 2004

Low times
The drug problem
August 24, 2004

I'm... Central Asian
Iran has much more in common with Afghans and Tajiks
August 19, 2004

Do not be fooled
The Democratic Party should avoid dealing with non-democratic Iran
July 28, 2004

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