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Another day

By Shima Safikhani
December 31, 2003
The Iranian

I am an Iranian-American who is deeply saddened by the earthquake. I am not one to usually write poems, but I wrote this one to relieve some of my pain.

in the coldest night of dec. 25,
some lay asleep in mud-houses
and feel their family's vibe
not knowing whether it was their last night in
the city of silkroads and history within
some dreamt of the future that might look so bleak
others dreamt of love, and happiness and one thing
they dreamt of peace
a peace so divine
it caught them in the still of the night
and took their breath away
for the very last time

the morning awoke
of devastation so near
so far and away
everyone cried out of fear
this fear for their loved ones
trapped underneath
their many years of labor
keeping them below heaps

such outrage,
such anger
such emotions of no avail
no one to blame
nowhere to get help
the children are crying
the women are crying
the men are crying too
the world watches in horror
what can we do?

thousands of miles away
i watch in disbelief
as mass graves have arose
and trenches so deep
they throw in each blanket
covered with a rose
and wish it goodbye
to the next family to be buried they go

another night has come to Bam
this time it is different
smoke rises from the ashes
the heaps and the labor
take everyones breath
another day is to come
to deal with more death

in Bam they weep
and tears have frozen
for they are freezing
without blankets or heat
and the thoughts of their relatives
keep them from sleep

and nothing can be done
to prevent such a thing
for Bam we are hurting

to fly away with the dead
and their white dove's wing

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