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Photo by Afshin Deyhimpanah

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(Updated February 19, 2003)


Basic kindness
This film is about more than just the heroism witnessed in Bam
December 4, 2006

To Bam & back
Photo essay: Bam before & after the December 2003 earthquake, plus Mahan
Asghar Riahi
May 8, 2006

Children's hotline
October 10, 2005

520 days later
Photo essay: Bam
Arshia Kiani
May 29, 2005

Bam's little blossoms
Interview with a sponsor of orphans from Bam
February 22, 2005

Bam Report
Relief International: Zohreh Elahian's earthquake recovery report
February 12, 2005

Desert angels
Dealing with the traumatic aftermath of the devastating quake
January 20, 2005

Poem on the 1st anniversary of the earthquake
Alireza Tabibzadeh
December 27, 2004

Left to rot
Millions and millions of dollars worth of donations and yet I saw nothing of the wealth
Mandana Farmanfarmaian
August 4, 2004

Iraj Bastami
Bam... Vatan-e Man
Compiled by Azam Nemati
August 4, 2004

From Bam to Lisbon
Earthquake: Misfortune, insjustice, or the will of God?
By Mansour Farhang
May 12, 2004

Faaje-eh Bam tamaam nashodeh
Talking to the people of Bam on their unending tragedy
By Farzaneh Rajai
May 7, 2004

Mostly grey
Before I traveled to Bam, I saw the situation as black and white
By Bijan Moshiri
April 21, 2004

Back to life
Interview with Jila Kashef on providing for the children of Bam. Also photos & drawings
April 11, 2004

Bam's hips
By Bobak Cyrus Bakhtiyari
March 31, 2004

Progress report
Relief International's earthquake recovery program in Bam
March 15, 2004

Looking for Fati
A play about Bam
January 27, 2004

Major attraction
Bam was location for 1976 film "The Desert of the Tartars"
By Darius Kadivar
January 2004

Patience of the centuries
Let's hope the Tatars won't win
By Karim Pakravan
January 2004

Not this year
Here is my message to all would-be pilgrims to Hajj this year: You do NOT have my blessing
By Houman Younessi
January 2004

Persian hospitality
Two New Zealanders, one motorcycle, seven days in Iran
Written and photographed by Rick Coleman
January 2004

Bottom line
Let's be real about what you can or should expect of the media in covering the Bam quake
By James M. Nugent
January 2004

Un-natural causes
IRI seen to be responsible for massive human tragedy in Bam
By Maryam Namazie
January 6, 2004

The wrath of God
Short story
By Hossein Samii
January 6, 2004

Windless in Bam
Then I felt a brisk breeze
By Slater Bakhtavar
January 5, 2004

Before the quake
Remembering Bam
By Karim Sadjadpour
January 5, 2004

Rolling up our sleeves
Relief International will begin Bam reconstruction
By Farshad Rastergar
January 5, 2004

Testing god
Religious justification for earthquakes
By Shahriar Zangeneh
January 4, 2004

Zir-e avaar-haa
By Hamid Ghiaspour
January 5, 2004

Ready for future Bams?
It is not as if we do not have civil engineers to build structures that can survive earthquakes
By Sassan Pejhan
January 3, 2004

State of shock
Paintings for Bam
By Mokhtar Paki
January 3, 2004

Gham-e Bam
By Hadi Khorsandi
December 31, 2003

Ahi dar kavir
By Arash Zarei
December 31, 2003

How can I sing
By Poriya Moazzami
December 31, 2003

Another day
i watch in disbelief
By Shima Safikhani
December 31, 2003

We die only because...
By Darya Sarkar
December 31, 2003

Prepared disaster
Call for a commission of inquiry
By Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
December 30, 2003

Down to earth
Photo essay: Bam earthquake

By Mehraneh Atashi
December 30, 2003

Zir-e aavaar-e faaje-eh
Report from Bam
By Hessam Foroozan
December 29, 2003

From the wolrd to Bam
December 28, 2003

Bam disaster
Photo essays: Bam earthquake
December 26-8, 2003

Two months before
Photo essay: Bam citadel
By Afshin Deyhimpanah
December 27, 2003

In ruin
The magnitude of the disaster in Bam is simply astounding
By H. Utanzad
December 27, 2003

For crying out loud
North American news coverage of earthquake in Iran
By Mitra Sadrameli
December 26, 2003

A small piece of the world
Part 6: Traveling to Bam
By Neema Moraveji
March 29, 2002

If you decide to visit the popular citadel, read the history
By Hedieh Azad
October 18, 2000

Ali's Sweater
A Mashhadi lends warm clothes to an Australian tourist
By Peter Kiernan
March 1996

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