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We die only because...

By Darya Sarkar
December 31, 2003
The Iranian

We die only because we can't have what you have.
We die only because we are born in this country.
We die only because we are born in ...
We have no choice, no choice, no choice.
We die only because we are...

We die only because we don't speak the same language as them,
Not the same culture as them, 
Not the same religion as them,
Not the same passport as them.
But have we the same God as them?

We die only because it takes hours, hours, and hours.
Hours, hours, hours...
To get help to our people
We lose sons, daughters, mothers, fathers,
Sisters, brothers, friends
Only because ...
They were late, late, late
Too late to even save one last breath

Only if they were there
Sooner, sooner, sooner
How many lives could we have saved?
Only if they were there...
How many children wouldn't have bleed to death?

We die only because
We can't even trust our own government in helping us
We die only because
Our people don't trust to give money to our own officials
We die because our money does not save lives
Because our money to rescue lives
Gets piled up in the pockets of people, people, people

After 9/11 New York grieved, the country grieved, the world grieved,
After 9/11 lives were saved
But not by France, England, Switzerland, Russia...
After 9/11 lives were saved by America...
By the country they belonged to...
They rescued them, they gave them everything, and the world saw it.

What about us?
Does anyone see us?
Does anyone care about our lives?
If our country, our government, our people don't...

Why can't our bodies be treated with dignity like theirs?
Why are our bodies wrapped up in bloody blankets and thrown into dirt?
Why are our bodies piled on top of one another?
Why can't WE be treated like them?

We are the same people.
Why do we die?
We die only because we happened to be born...
We happened to be born...

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