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Use your brain
This doesn't apply to all Iranian men

By Mitra
April 2, 2004

This is a reply to every one out there who read my article "Guys are stupid". First of all thank you all for taking the time and reading it, and secondly writing an email to me and expressing your beautiful personal views on the article and men in general. It was so exciting to get about 50 different responses in my inbox, this is one of my few articles that has actually created so much controversy in print and over the internet. This article was also discussed in a few weblogs over the Internet and here's one to look at!

A few people mentioned that my English wasn't as bad as I mentioned at the top of my letter. But I think it is bad, it is a weakness not to be able to express yourself without swearing all the time, and I apologize for the language, but that's the only way I could send my message across, because my English is bad... but I am trying my best in improving it.

For all you boys out there who must hate me now, I don't hate "all" Persian guys, I just think they should use their brains more than they use their "KIR". Try to "act" sensible even if you are not a sensible person, that might actually get the girl to stay with you a bit longer. Don't flush condoms down the toilet, because it's plastic, plastic doesn't dissolve. Some boys are just desperate for some attention, they're mama's boy, especially most of the Iranian guys. Persian boys are only good for slavery, then when you're done with them, gotta give them the flick.

Again this doesn't apply to all Iranian men, but does to most. I know a couple of Iranian men who are at my university as international students from Tehran University and they're damn good. They are funny, have manners, are fucking intelligent and so damn independent, they're good looking too. I would love to find a guy like that. A man who is Persian like me, who is proud of what he is. But when there is none, you have no choice but to look in other cultures.

Actually an advice to all the girls who agree with me, don't look for anything or any one, the right one will eventually come along, and when he does, you will know he is the one you've been waiting for all your life. Don't wait, live your life, have fun, and fuck as many guys as you can literally, physically and verbally ;)

And something else that bugs me, you can't really tell whether a guy is a virgin or not (except when his balls are hangin down from all the pumpin) but you can tell for a girl, and that really matters, if a guy has fucked so many girls and he marries a virgin then it's cool, but if a non-virgin chick marries a guy, if the guy finds out she is not virgin he will get so fucked over about it. How can you truly tell a guy is virgin or if he is being honest about something?! I reakon you should tie them to a chair and squeeze their balls till they get clean with you.

I am not a "bad girl", I just break the boundaries, I take no shit from no one, I do what I want, I get what I want, and I try damn hard for it and My EGO is bigger than any of you "bi-orzehaa". I love studying and I am constantly active in all aspects of life, whether it is job, Uni., relationships, sports etc...

I just think men, should learn to respect girls in that aspect, and see them as a once is a life time opportunity, and not take them for granted. If you partners can't get along don't go around sulking, and bitching behind each other's backs. Don't betray each other. Be brave, talk it over, if you see it can't be resolved and you can't give it another shot then you might want to give each other some space and move on.

Life sucks sometimes, I know, but what can you do? You only live 90 years the most, your most productive years are 15-50 years of age. You might as well use it wisely. We will all die one day, good or bad, fucked or not fucked, maried or not married, man or woman, so why should we ruin it by going and doing something stupid. Go see the world, play a sport, write for your local magazine, educate yourself, read books. Do something productive. Build yourself into a strong man or woman, a woman that fucking kicks ass, and a man that respects her woman for kicking his ass... heehee.

I'll get back to you guys later. That's al I have to say for now, thank you all and best of luck in everything you do, "and take care of yourself and each other!" (Jerry Springer) :D. .................... Say goodbye to spam!

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