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Your own immaturity
In response to Mitra Riaz's "Guys are stupid"

By Kourosh Saghafi
March 29, 2004

Dear Mitra,

First of all let me say that unlike what you claimed at the start of your letter, you have an absolute command of the English language, far beyond what you can possibly begin to imagine. One can not help but be impressed by your unbelievably appropriate use and incredible, award-worthy choice of foul words. Only if there was an Emmy or something along that line for such illustrations.

But in analyzing your claim, bashing Iranian men in general, just like most girls in your own age group have graciously done over time, I take it that this is probably your first shot at love in a foreign country (Australia?). Of course I have no idea on how extensive of a background you had back in Iran, but for the sake of argument I am assuming you have not been "actively engaged" in anything too serious back in your pre-teen years.

This is a much too common mistake. You are in a party or a gathering and meet this nice looking fellow, and there you are talking and chit chatting away and before you know it it hits you. This is it! this is The One. But it turnes out he's a jackass (to adhere to your style of writing) and here you are unleashing your anger on most, if not all, Iranian man, thrashing their image on the internet publicly.

Please don't get me wrong: there might be a few bad apples out there, but that is not limited to just the Iranian gang and honestly I think the seed had been sown by those same Aussies, Americans and even Indians, in some cases.

Now, I would like to assume that you come from a decent family or background and naturally believe and adhere and follow loyally and religiously the basic rules of dating and/or starting a relationship. And I seriously hope I am not mistaken, because when someone comes down so hard on men such as what you did in your complaint, then she'd better be error-free, with an impeccably clean image and incredibly wonderful personality.

At the risk of sounding too cocky or arrogant, I can say that I have come cross many like you and interestingly at the same age range overwhelemed by emotions, unrealistic expectations, and driven by an immature desire to jump into a relationship without even contemplating their moves and the consequences .

Simply put, I don't think you did your homework, and you were this man's "girl" for 4 weeks! which is all too surprising, given that you probably had known certain things about this guy from the beginning based on his behavior towards you.

At any rate, you demonstrated an immaturity of your own by resorting to such foul and nasty language about this guy and even worse, expanding the profanity on to other Iranian males.

With regards to Indian men, I agree with you 100%: they are sharp, with a tidy and clean image, hardworking... but don't get your hopes too high and don't let that sqeaky clean demeanor fool you.

Good luck in your future hunt for Mr. Right.
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