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Can you do a better job?
You vs. Ebadi

August 3, 2004

I saw a recent opinion poll in in which 64.57% said they were not pleased with Shirin Ebadi's fight for human rights in Iran.

I thought this poll revealed much about the respondents so I wanted to ask them more questions. This is a follow up on that survey which I conducted myself asking more questions from the same people. It is perfectly scientific. There is no margin of error.

1- How do you think democracy will eventually come to Iran?
a) I will get involved and make it happen (27.13%)
b) If a genuine movement gathers momentum, I'll join it (8.30%)
c) I am waiting for the perfect leader to come along and give us Government of the People (64.57%)

2- When shopping for pearls (morvarid), what do you look for?
a) Round (ghaltoon) (27.13%)
b) Cheap (arzoon) (8.30%)
c) Round & cheap (ham ghaltoon, ham arzoon) (64.57%)

3- What is your view of agriculture?
a) I reap, others plant (deegaran kaashtand o' maa khordeem) (64.57%)
b) I plant, others reap (maa bekaareem o' deegaran bokhorand) (27.13%)
c) I get my food-stuff from the corner grocer (8.30%)

4- If someone gave you a horse as a gift, how will you respond?
a) I'll say, "Thank you, I think I can use this when I plant" (27.13%)
b) I count the teeth immediately (64.57%)
c) I have no use for a horse (8.30%)

5- In a wrestling situation:
a) I get in the pit and go for the limb (meeram too goad o' lengesh mikonam) (27.13%)
b) I sit around the pit and urge others to go for the limb (labe' goad meeshinam meegam lengesh kon) (64.57%)
c) I don't know (8.30%)

I would like to see a folow up poll in

Q. Do you think you could do a better job than Shirin Ebadi by working inside Iran, and would you trade places with her right now? Vote here
a) Yes I will do a better job than her working inside Iran and I'm ready to trade places with her.
b) Yes I will do a better job than her working inside Iran but I don't want to trade places with her.
c) No I won't do a better job than her working inside Iran so I won't trade places with her.
d) No I won't do a better job than her working inside Iran but I will trade places with her anyway. Vote here

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