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Signed, sealed & delivered
Photo essay: Shirin Ebadi in London
Mehrdad Aref-Adib
June 4, 2006

Talkh o Shirin
Photo essay: Shirin Ebadi in LA
Nima Mehraeen
May 17, 2006

Down with Khomeini, Long Live Kabob!
Protests against Shirin EBadi at UCLA
Leila Farjami
May 16, 2006

Can you do a better job?
You vs. Ebadi
August 3, 2004

Lawyer of the year
Award from LawFuel
July 23, 2004

Kazemi lawyers protest
News pix
July 18, 2004

Kazemi murder trial
News pix
July 17, 2004

Focus on common ground
Misplaced frustration among Ebadi's critics abroad
Mariam Memarsadeghi
July 15, 2004

Quietly attentive
Italians listen to Ebadi speech
Roxanne Moin
July 5, 2004

Khaanom-e Ebadi bass ast!
Ms Ebadi, enough!
Sayeh Saeedi Sirjani
June 25, 2004

The petite giant
I was taken aback by Ebadi's strength of words
By Meysa Malek
June 2, 2004

Hopeful but skeptical
The question remains, Ms. Ebadi: whose progress and whose ship?
By Choob Dosar-Gohi
May 28, 2004

Root of democracy
What Ebadi was getting at
By Mitra Yousefi
May 27, 2004

No belle
Ebadi's slogans are nice. But that's not enough
By Mohsen M.
May 24, 2004

Our only hope
Photo essay: Shirin Ebadi calls for democracy
By Jahanshah Javid
May 22, 2004

Married to LA
Nobel Laureate treated like a bride by L.A. Iranian community
By Bahar Mirhosseini
May 20, 2004

The new voice of the Islamic Republic
That is Shirin Ebadi
May 20, 2004
By Ali Ardeshir Jowza

Click here for democracy
Shirin Ebadi speaks in Los Angeles
By Mohammad Ala
May 20, 2004

Lady justice
Shirin Ebadi voted Iranian of the year
March 24, 2004

All Bamed out!
People have become mirror images of the theocrats they hate
By Shahla Azizi
Jannuary 13, 2004

Great year
For Iranian women. And Iranian men are plain jealous.
By Siamack Baniameri
December 16, 2003

News pix
Ebadi meets Chirac
(1) (2) (3)

Spare a thought for us -- first
Ebadi's wasted opportunity?
By Ardavan Bahrami
December 15, 2003

Parchamdaar-e aashtee
For Shirin Ebadi
By M. Keyvan
December 11, 2003

Photo essay: Nobel Peace Prize ceremony
December 10, 2003

Restless limbs
Shirin Ebadi's Nobel speech
December 10, 2003

Welcome hope
Photo essay: Cheers for Ebadi
By Takyar
December 10, 2003

Ripe for reinterpretation
From Ebadi's various remarks it is clear that progressive Islam protects human rights but also advocates a secular approach with regards to political institutions
By Nema Milaninia
December 4, 2003

Be fair
People like Ebadi have fought for freedom and human rights in Iran for the past 23 years. What have you done?
By Taraneh Izadi
November 26, 2003

Open criticism
It is the responsibility of every one of us to challenge each other and to make views transparent
By Sheema Kalbasi
November 26, 2003

As if we NEEDED the Nobel
The reality is that the West treats the rest of the world as less than equal
By Mohamad Purqurian
November 14, 2003

A woman of action
Shirin's Ebadi's background and the impact of her Nobel Peace Prize
By Farhang Jahanpour
October 27, 2003

Ayatollah Ebadi?
Shirin Ebadi seems far from acknowledging separation of religion and state
By Sheema Kalbasi
October 23, 2003

Kheyraat-e javaaez
Ebadi's Nobel: A view from the left
By Kayvan Kaviani
October 20, 2003

Ghessehye Kooseh-va-Shirin
Coverage on Shirin Ebadi's Noble Peace Prize
By Choob Dosar-Gohi
October 16, 2003

The chisel and the hammer
Shirin Ebadi's public endorsement of Islam is a qualified proposition but it is sociologically sound and politically astute
By Ahmad Sadri
October 14, 2003

Taba'aat-e Nobel
Political implications of Ebadi's Nobel prize
By Dariush Sajjadi
October 14, 2003

Prize for courage
Ebadi's Nobel prize is the revival of the spirits of those who perished under injustice
By Farrokh A. Ashtiani
October 14, 2003

The clap of one hand
I had no clue who Shirin Ebadi is. But...
By Zohreh Khazai-Ghahremani
October 13, 2003

Reason to smile
Shirin Ebadi photos and media reaction
October 12, 2003

The catalyst
With Shirin Ebadi's Nobel prize, I became empowered
By Golbarg Wedin Bashi
October 10, 2003

Sedaa-ye mardom-e Iran
On Ebadi's Nobel prize
By Niloofar Beyzaie
October 10, 2003

For human rights and democracy
Nobel committee statement on Shirin Ebadi
October 10, 2003


Shirin Ebadi is a lawyer, a judge, a lecturer, a writer, a human right activist, and most  recently, a Nobel Prize laureate. Shirin won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for "her efforts for democracy and human rights, especially on the struggle for the rights of women and children" in her native Iran.

The Iranian lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi was born in 1947. She received a law degree from the University of Tehran. In the years 1975-79 she served as president of the  city court of Tehran, one the first female judges in Iran. After the revolution in 1979 she  was forced to resign. She now works as a lawyer and also teaches at the University of Tehran.

Both in her research and as an activist, she is known for promoting peaceful, democratic  solutions to serious problems in society. She takes an active part in the public debate and is well-known and admired by the general public in her country for her defense in court of  victims of the conservative faction's attack on freedom of speech and political freedom.

Ms. Ebadi represents Reformed Islam, and argues for a new interpretation of Islamic law which  is in harmony with vital human rights such as democracy, equality before the law, religious freedom and freedom of speech. As for religious freedom, it should be noted that Ms. Ebadi also includes the rights of members of the Bahai community, which has had problems in Iran ever since its foundation.

Ms. Ebadi is an activist for refugee rights, as well as those of women and children. She is  the founder and leader of the Association for Support of Children's Rights in Iran. Ms. Ebadi  has written a number of academic books and articles focused on human rights. Among her books  translated into English are The Rights of the Child: A Study of Legal Aspects of Children's  Rights in Iran (Tehran, 1994), published with support from UNICEF, and History and  Documentation of Human Rights in Iran (New York, 2000).

As a lawyer, she has been involved in a number of controversial political cases. She was the  attorney of the families of the writers and intellectuals who were victims of the serial murders in 1999 2000. She has worked actively - and successfully - to reveal the principals behind the attack on the students at Tehran University  in 1999 where several students died. As a consequence, Ebadi has been imprisoned on numerous occasions.

With Islam as her starting point, Ms. Ebadi campaigns for peaceful solutions to social problems, and promotes new thinking on Islamic terms. She has displayed great personal courage as a lawyer defending individuals and groups who have fallen victim to a powerful  political and legal system that is legitimized through an inhumane interpretation of Islam.

Ebadi has shown her willingness and ability to cooperate with representatives of secular as well as religious views. - From Nobel.Se >>> Top

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