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I am now a son of Nature, a brother of trees and flowers, a friend of sky and seas

By Morteza Mirbaghian
January 7, 2004

It is early Saturday morning. The city, already tired from last night's debauchery, still drowns in the deep sea of sleep. Silence rules the entire city. Only the ear-caressing murmur of the nearby sea, which calls me like a magnet to its most beautiful breast, is audible. I abandon my bed and gaily run to her open arms. Everything looks insuperably beautiful. It seems that, at the furthest point, the serene sky and the beautiful sea are making love, away from the eyes of foreigners. Thanks to the golden rays of the awakening sun, everything shines. The fresh air is full of life. The energy of eternal life can be felt in everything. The miracle of nature presents itself most eloquently.

Each and every thing call me to unity with Mother Nature and the Universe. So I take off everything which is not an essential part of me. Completely naked I start running and jumping along the edge of the sea. I yield myself to its warm breast. Motherlike water surrounds me, caresses me, kisses me, and carries me away from the shore. Light, as if a bird-feather, I float on her softest breast. I feel pleasantly comfortable, thanks to the warm kisses of the sun and tender caresses of the agreeable water. Like a cloud in the sky and a baby in its cradle, I felt myself floating on the vast body of the sea. Little by little I completely forgot everything; daily life and its worries.

However, I feel full contentment is missing in my heart. In spite of my union with the sea, still something is lacking. Still I am not completely connected to Mother Nature. Yes, something is missing, or possibly some kind of barrier exists, a barrier which impedes the flow between nature and me. More and more I fall deeper into my meditation...

Aha! My skin is the barrier. Yes, I must, like a snake, remove the old skin in order to become connected with nature by means of a new, fresh, and ultra clean skin. Or possibly I can be reborn, like a little bird, breaking the shell of the little egg, the world which surrounds it. Yes, with a sensation, I discover the solution to the puzzle: I must be reborn. I must break the shell which holds me, my spirit, my heart and my mind in the wall-less prison of my many thoughts and creates an invisible but thick bar between myself and the limitless Universe.

But, how can I do that? How can I be born again? How must I renew myself? I mulled it over and over. Aha! I must remove the clothes of my spirit, the veils and masks which create a sturdy wall between me and Nature. Yes, there are masks which alienate me from myself! I was not born with them, but immediately afterward, in order to become educated, in order to become a civilized person, they covered my spirit with thick veils of social norms, superstitious beliefs and dogmas.

Yes, all kinds of masks were put onto my face, from the first moment of my birth, by my fathers, their fathers, and the world. One after the other, the masks allowed me to live hypocritically in accordance with the values and customs of my surroundings. All of them alienated me more and more from myself and from Mother Nature.

Here is the reason, why a full connection between She and I is lacking.

So I close my eyes and mentally remove all the masks, one after the other. I cross out everything which history, the world and my environment installed into the hardware of my mind. While the removal continues, I feel more and more space is liberated in my overcharged mind.

I feel myself lighter and lighter and able to fly, like a free bird. All superstitions installed in me for thousands of years -- moral codes, religion and culture - are already gone. My mind is now completely fresh, free, and vast as nature itself!

Let me be careful that ruinous thought viruses no longer penetrate my mind, overburden it, paralyze its functioning, and turns off Mother Nature's connection with me.

Let me carefully admit only thoughts which give my spirit wings, so that I will be able to fly to the heart of heaven, in order to unite with the limitless universe. My body is now fully vigorous, like a little bird playing in the sky, or a little fish gaily rolling in the stream. Deep peace rules me and everything around me. I have a complete connection with Nature and the Universe.

Now I am no longer alienated from that little fish, which swims dancingly. I understand it, as brother understands brother. I feel myself on the wings of a bird flying in the sunny sky, and the same in the fearful heart of a little bird with a broken wing in the rain. I feel myself in the stem of a flower dancing in the arms of an early morning breeze. I exist in everything, and everything is in me. I freely flow through everything, and everything flows through me. Peace flows in my veins.

Oh, how unique an experience! The river of sun flows in me. Flowers of unconditional love and peace are blooming in the garden of my heart. I feel unconditional love for everything and everybody. People, animals, trees, water... Everything which lives in the gentle arms of nature, is an object of my boundless and unconditional love. I want peace for everybody and everything, because Mother Nature's love and peace passes through me, and I - according to the law of nature - have neither the capability nor the right tie it only to me.

Together with shattering of the shells of my ego, the black veils which blind the eyes of my heart are torn apart and the masks fall apart from my alienation and hypocrisy with myself and the world. Now I fully love life, because I feel myself a small part of nature and eternal life. Although a little, very little part, however a part of everything and also of God.

I no longer feel myself as a social machine, nor a deathly object, nor a powerless subject of superstitions. I am indeed part of every living thing, of God; the Universe.

From the skirt of Mother Nature, with the warm greetings of the rising sun, beautiful love songs of birds, gay dances of the flowers, a welcome of tree leaves, together with the birth of springtime -- the day I was reborn.

Oh early morning zephyr... my caress-inclined flying beloved, on the way spread the word to all and everything across high mountain ranges and beautiful valleys, vast deserts and oceans. Oh running creeks... murmur gaily into earth's ear that I am now a son of Nature, a brother of trees and flowers, a friend of sky and seas, a companion of the stars, a loving playmate of the pigeons and sparrows. Yes, tell the world I have just been reborn!

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By Morteza Mirbaghian





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