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When a storm falls


August 29, 2005

When a storm falls, a new world opens.
The Earth begins anew--a rebirth, a cleansing, a purification
Oh! How overwhelming is the force of nature.
The fury of heaven and earth
With its half-crazy, half-mad spasms,
Like the Ten Plagues descending on Egypt
Bringing God's wrath upon the heartless Pharaoh.
Yet a storm is not heartless.
It is fierce, but also cleansing
It is dangerous, but also comforting
It is the old--becoming the new.

The storm is over.
The air is crystal clear.
The temperature is perfectly soothing and cool.
The heat, the suffocating humidity
The pointless, empty worries and concerns of today and yesterday
Have been wiped from the scene
Like leaves blown away by the howling winds
On a chilly, forgotten autumn night.

When a storm falls, a new world opens.
When a storm falls--a new beginning dawns.

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