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What's the point?
May 8, 2006

Moving forward or looking backward
November 12, 2005

When a storm falls
The pointless, empty worries and concerns of today and yesterday
Have been wiped from the scene

August 29, 2005

When facts go out the window
Bush's failed presidency
November 2, 2004

Bush's concept of freedom is rigidly one-dimensional
October 15, 2004

Fundamentally dishonest
The war on terrorism
January 29, 2004

Immoral superiority
U.S. has not "won the war" against Saddam Hussein by any stretch of the imagination
July 30, 2003

Why is the world not convinced?
Because American conclusions have preceded reasoning
February 28, 2003

Breeding new terrorists
Where does U.S. self-defense cease and aggression begin?
October 18, 2002

Misreading U.S. intentions
American officials do not think of Muslims as a single group
April 2002

Moral credibility
Palestinians would do well to try a nonviolent strategy

March 2002

It is not America's moral responsibility to create or foster "free societies" in the Muslim world. This is the responsibility of Muslims themselves

March 2002

Lee Howard Hodges is a B.A. M.A. in Historical Studies from University of Maryland, Baltimore. Top

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