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December 24, 2003

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* Produce evidence

Is it possible for Dr. Mirfendereski to produce evidence for the Iraqi government's role in the bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993? [Victor's justice]

(See reply below)

Ali Akbar Mahdi
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Ohio Wesleyan University


* No prosecutor

Dear Professor Mahdi, (Reply to above)

Re my suggstion that one area of "indictment" which should be explored, as I put it, is based on the material available in the literature [Victor's justice].

Your attempt to bait me as a prosecutor will not work, but if you would like to satisfy your curioisty as to my source for this please refer to Laurie Mylorie's various writings, one of which is entitled "The World Trade Center Bomb: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why it Matters," in The National Interest, Winter 1995/1996. (See reply below)

Guive Mirfendereski


* Unproven theory

(Reply to above) Dear Dr. Mirfenderski,

Thank you for your prompt response.  I did not intend to bait you as a prosecutor. I often read your pieces without much disagreement. However, reading about a connection between the Iraqi government role in the bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993 in your piece was a surprise.  I became curious how you had reached such a conclusion. 
Your response clarifies your position and adds to my surprise that you really take Laurie Mylroie's unproven conjectures serious enough to build your case on it.  Mylroie's obsession with Iraq and her unproven theory that Ramzi Yousef was an Iraqi agent added fuel to the burning desire of the neo-cons to invade Iraq regardless of evidence. She was one of the few architects of President Bush's get-tough-on-Iraq policy, which led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. 

Those who have supported her position on Iraqi connection implicitly includeRichard Perle,James Woolsey, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, John Bolton, and Donald Rumsfeld. Well, they got what they wished. However, so far their claims that there were WMD in Iraq, and Saddam's connection to 9/11 and the 1993 WTC attack, remain unproven. 

As for Mylroie's theory, no prosecutor and intelligence official has ever found evidence to back it up.  I have no doubt that if there was a connection, the Bush administration and its neo-con officials would have used it as further evidence for the invasion of Iraq.

Ali Akbar Mahdi


* Makes others understand us

Zohreh khanoom, [Persian style Christmas]

Just had to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your Persian version of "Twas the night before Christmas". As cute as it was it really makes others (non-Iranians) really
understand us better.

I have printed this and sent this to many.

Best wishes for a very very Happy Holiday,

Panteha Najian


* My kid tells them he celebrates Noruz

What a great and informative article [Happy Yalda]. It made up for the garbage poem [Persian style Christmas] written by that retired (and definitely bored) dentist who assumes the rest of us Iranians are like her about 100 years old backward and smitten by everything Western.

Many of us do not celebrate Christmas as our holiday and that goes for our kids. My kid's friends are all Americans and Christians. He buys them gifts but tells them that he celebrates Noruz, which is his holiday. He knows about Yalda because in the state I reside we do celebrate Yalda by gathering in a university and listening to presentation about Yalda.

It irks me that many Iranians come up with a stupid excuse that kids should not be different. Well, hello, what do you say when the majority of the people around you have bleached blonde hair and blue eyes? These people think by having a Christmas tree and giving their kids gifts they would feel more at home. Yes, they would and they would also feel that you are not cool enough to be their parents.

I know a few Iranians that their children treat them like shit and talk down to them because these parents (who by the way, are not highly educated) tried too hard to Americanize their kids.

My 6 feet tall 17 year old, can give you information about Zoroastrians and in fact he is reading a book called "An Ancient Iranian Religion" now. He would blow your mind by giving you a run down of how Kermit Roosevelt paid people to demonstrate against Mosadegh and how America overthrew the only democratically elected government in Iran and re0instated a dictator.

My point? Many of us are proud of our heritage and familiar with it. We have raised our kids to be shining starts as "Iranian kids" in America. We have instilled in them pride and guided them to be the best and source of pride for all Iranians.

Thanks again for a delightful article.

Azam Nemati


* Mitra is a guy

I don't know when exactly our people started naming their daughters Mitra and Mehri, but Mithra the Zoroastrian Izad is a male not a female. [Happy Yalda]

Happy belated Chelle to all.



* Look at what's really going on

Dea Mr. Tohidi, [Post 9/11 pilot]

I admire your courage and strong will in pursuing your childhood dreams which has led you to such remarkable achievements. However, your openning paragraph and how you encourage those who intend to read about injustices and self-pity to think twice before continuing, is such an unfair assessment on your part, towards your fellow countrymen.

I am positive that your friends had your best interest at heart when they started to burst your bubble, only for you to be forwarned of what the consequences will be.

I can guarantee you that there is a huge minority of those who sit around, looking all pissed off and allow others to make a victim out of them, the majority of us are spending our precious hours and minutes campaining against those injustices that do exist in today's society, imposed upon us, well beyond the sphere of our power and control. I pitty those who justify their shortcomings by playing victims, as I have encountered them so often in my life. That certainly is no excuse for achieving all once can possibly achieve.

I don't know how avidly your are involved  in keeping up with the national news and various social or political affairs, but I'd like to suggest to you to take a long and hard look at what really is going on in our community, how some individuals with different backgrounds are taking unneccesary beating, denied any possible means of economic and social prosperity, racially profiled and singled out, and trust me, that is not an insignificant number, these days and put yourself in a position where you would not have been as fortunate and blessed as you are today.

Once you have completed this task then i hope you will refine your judgement and realize why there are those who are being needlessly and unwillingly being put in a postion where they absolutely don't want to be.



* Plant a tree. It's that simple

Hello to everyone who contacted me regarding the suggestion, published on, to start a tradition of planting trees for Noruz [Plant a tree on Noruz]. Many of you asked me how to start on this project, and whether I wanted to head the project, etc.

This isn't my project in any way, byt this the three-step process that I suggest everyone does:

1- Wait for Noruz.
2- Plant a tree in Iran.
3- Repeat next year.

It's that simple. I don't mean to sound flippant but the goal is simply to each person to get trees and so it isn't any more complicated than that. Get your friends involved too - and your relatives - and encourage them to to the same.

If each person tells 10 people, and only 10% of those people actually plant a tree..well, you do the math. Photograph the sapling you plan on planting, or the location you plan to plant it in, and send the photo around to others. Then show them how you actually planted the tree...

However, it would also be nice to have a Web site which promotes the idea of planting trees, and perhaps an online petition to sign, and an email list to distribute announcements, and a discussion group for matters such as the best sort of trees to plant, how to locate saplings, etc.

So, to move things along, a friend has already reserved a domain name for us: Does anyone have a web hosting service and some html programming ability?

John Mohammadi


* Didn't get it

Please do not alienate some of us from your site by having Reza Pahlavi's picture in your donation drive. And if you are indeed a supporter of him please declare it clearly so we all know.

Kamran G.


* Memories of Ali

I would like to thank Mr. Javid for bringing back so many memories of Ali Kouchack and his family by including his old photograph in your web site. I also was Ali's friend and even saw him shortly before he passed away in 1991.

Thanks again for refrehing my fond memories.

Babak Tehranchi


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