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July 22, 2003

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* I will not stop until I know that the Canadian Government has done everything in its power regarding this matter

Twenty years go, I fought on the turfs of our beloved land to prevent the invasion of a foreign force. I fought with my friends, cousins and classmates many of whom lost their lives so that "Iran" would not be at the hands of a savage army that killed and raped thousands of Iranians. Today, however, I feel that we are attacked by another invading army only that this army is a domestic one.

The tragic death of Mrs. Zahra Kazemi has shown once again that brutal murder of innocents in Iran is committed by a group who just like you and me are also Iranian. It amazes me how a countryman can be so vicious and ruthless towards another Iranian.

What has happened to Mrs. Kazemi has angered me to that point that I do not feel proud to be an Iranian. In fact I have to think long and hard for finding reasons that would make me a proud Iranian.

I have written a letter to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bill Graham asking him to put pressure on the Iranian government in finding the truth behind the circumstances that lead to Mrs. Kazemi's death. I will not stop until I know that the Canadian Government has done everything in its power regarding this matter. Those readers who also want to write to the Canadian Foreign Ministry can email me for contact details.

Dear Mr. Graham,

The tragic death of Ms. Zahra Kazemi, and Iranian journalist based in Montreal has sent shock waves around the world. As a researcher at one of Canada's elite universities in Montreal and as an Iranian-Canadian I ask you to force the Iranian government to reveal a full and truthful account of the circumstances that lead to Ms. Kazemi's death.

It is time for Canada to take a stronger stand against the brutality that the Iranian regime has committed against reporters and advocates of democracy around the world. I am proud to be a Canadian citizen as this country has given me a world class education but more importantly freedom and security.

On behalf of all Iranian-Canadians I ask you and the Prime minister to take a stronger stand against the Iranian government's abuse of human rights both inside and outside of Iran. Canada is a world leader in bringing peace and security to the world. We ask you that Canada, once again rises to the occasion and keep pressing the Iranian government for a full explanation of Ms. Kazemi's death.

We thank you, the Canadian government, and Ambassador McKinon for everything that has been done up to now regarding this matter.

Pesare Gol


* Justice in Iran meaningless thing

Finally an Iranian official has revealed that Zahra Kazemi, Iranian-Canadian journalist, was beaten to death by her interrogators during questioning. Despite of Iran’s admission of murdering Kazemi and promising to bring the murders to justice, Kazemi’s son is still persisting to get his mother’s body back to Canada in order to have further investigations and clarify the real cause of death. The Canadian government has also warned Iran on this case and demanded the assailants be identified.

There is no doubt that this case is an obvious crime and whoever carried it out or ordered it must face justice and punished. But the question is how far this case would go and how Canada would react if Iran does not respond to its demand? After all, who would guarantee that the murderer or murderers would be punished appropriately?

Justice in Iran is a funny, meaningless thing. It is being manipulated by a bunch of murderers and devils. They turn things in their own advantage at any given time.

In Iran terrorists, assassins and murderers live freely, while victims and people who defend the rights of victims are convicted and put in jail for long terms. The man who shot and nearly killed Hajjarian, a well-known reformist, is now the leader of the vigilantes, who are controlled, supported and fed by conservative mullahs.

Davood Jafarzade Fard


* We don't want to be manipulated

Lovely article [Hold the fireworks], but I can think of some other reasons why Iranians living abroad are not more united in seeking to promote freedom & democracy in Iran: First, we don't want to be manipulated.

We're smart (or cynical) enough to know that many of those people who exhort us to "become united and join the cause" are essentially trying to unite us behind their own particular agenda which they merely disguise as " freedom and democracy", but which actually is something else.

Secondly, no matter how hard the exiles or the Bush administration try to associate themselves with the discontented youth in Iran, we are capable of telling them apart. We can tell the genuine expressions of legitimate discontent apart from the people who are just trying to mix-in and manipulate the discontent for their own benefit.

So when George Bush or Reza Pahlavi announce that they "support the aspirations of the Iranian people", we can see this has a rather cheap, hollow and self-serving ploy, and we don't want to legitimize it.

Third, we are essentially a very nationalistic people, regardless of how badly we treat each other sometimes. We don't want to create an opening for intervention by foreign powers, whether overtly or under the guise of " supporting the people's aspirations."

Fourth, we know that neither democracy nor freedom are commodities which are imported from abroad, and so we should not be trying to interfere with the people who actually live in Iran. They know what they want and they are finding their own way to achieve it. They don't need us drawing "khat-o-neshan" on their behalf.

Fifth: we really don't like the many of the types of politically active Iranians who live abroad. If we go to a demonstration for human rights and democracy in Iran, who do we have to rub elbows with? Answer: Monarchists and Mojaheds, waving banners of Shah and Rajavi. Who wants to be associated with that?

J Mohammadi


* Doaa kon rishashoun khoshk besheh

Jenaab Aghaayeh Oskouie taghalobi, [Delam khonak shod]
Faghat mikhaastam begam avalan: Dametoun garm. Dovoman: cheh faaydeh, faghat johar khodkaareto tamoum kardi o baaess shodi khomaari yek sigaari khoub bepareh.

Maa hameh hamino migim vali cheh faaydeh? Oun Saddam Jalaad mound taa rouzi keh emrikaa nakhaastesh. Inhaa ham hamintoran. Pass assaabeto kharaab nakon o faghat baa aslaheh hamin aakhoundaa be khodeshoun hamleh kon -- yani doaa kon, az tah del keh rishashoun khoshk besheh.

Naamaatoon kheyli baa haal bood. VAAGHEAN.
Be omid rouzayeh behtar,

Yek hamvatan



* Bad language & no content

Letters such as this nonsense of "Delam khonak shod" who uses bad language & no content, are written by agents of Islamic government to mal repute the opposition. They are trying to tell people of Iran that all opponents are stupid drug addicts.

Please stop this foolishness by indirectly helping the enemies of our people. Opponents of the Iranian regime are not just a few uneducated, vulgar individuals who make noise. There are a great many with brains & intellect among the quiet opposition too.

Dr. Farideh Seihoun


* Ey kaash...

In response to "Delam khonak shod":

>>> Full text

Hossein Hajiagha


* Man ham delam khonak shod

Aghaa damet garm [Delam khonak shod]. man ham az khoondane naamatoon delam khonak shod, harfe dele man ro zadin.
hamoon toreh ke goftin,
be omide jodaai din va siasat.

N Azadeh


* Jijare manam...

Jijare manam khonak shod. [Delam khonak shod]




* Nobody can deny this truth

Excuse me Mr. Houman Younessi, [Tabreek! You failed!]

Thanks to the Islamic regime, 63% of college students are female and successful and powerful and standing on their own two feet (rather than depending on the worthless men popping up everywhere).

If you take a look at the clear spectrum since the time of the "gand" shah to the Islamic state, you will be the witness to how much women have since succeeded. Before 1979 most women were illiterate, and bound to the home and deprived of government jobs.

No other country has such a high rate of college females. This is all thanks to the Islamic regime which granted women power, education and opportunity. The only evil ways are the ways of the past which clearly suppressed women. And nobody, but nobody can deny this truth.

Seyede Katayon


* Passing comets

In the recent weeks four people passed away that somehow had touched our lives. Two were old and other two young.the old ones were with us for long time and were rich and famous. the young one were poor and only shined in the horizon for a short time.

KATHERINE HIPBURN and Senator STROM THURMOND were the old one they both lived almost a centuiry and touched our lives differently.

Katherine showed us brain was more induring than beauty and in order to be a good actress you don,t need to get naked in front of camera. She wore the pants in 1930 and showed all male dominated industry that women are not any less capable than men.

Senator Thurmond was a war hero and fought against nazi Germany and their racial philosophy..he was in the trenches next to black GI,s fighting against racial discrimination and genocide. He returned home went to politics and by his actions repudiated all he had fought for in europe and remained a demagogue for rest of his life.

The other young couples were Laleh and Ladan Bijani, who lived a short life full of enthusiasm and accomplishment. they fought for individual freedom against all odds. ine the short several weeks their struggle captivated the world and demonstrated more courage and nobility than most people can hope in a life time. HOW LONG THEY WILL BE REMEMBERD?

kATHERINE hIPBURN will be ine the screen for several generation and Senator Thurmond probably already forgotten. and the sisters will be in our conscience as two passing comets that shined for a while and then faded away.

St Raffi


* Where is Jesus, where is Justice?

Please click on the link and read the article very carefully over and over until you memorize every single phrase of it. Then ask yourself does such a thing called human rights exist!?

The answer is certainly yes, but with a very simple difference. We the people of Asia, and also Africa, despite our tremendous contribution to mankind & civilization for the last ten thousand years, are not considered humans by the West!

During WWII, these very civilized Western capitalists hand in hand with the - of course- uncivilized communists invaded our holy homeland, Iran; killed our innocent people, destroyed our country; just because we were not (and still we are not) considered humans in the eyes of Western Christians. I just wonder where is the God, where is Jesus, where is Justice?

a a


* Fantastic choice

Dear Azam Nemati,

I was just listening to Ali Nazari's songs which took me back to another world with many beautiful memories. Thank you so much for this fantastic choice.

I hope that you continue this job and help people like me to enjoy this beautiful Persian music and songs. I wish you all the best.

With best regards,

Maro in Vienna


* First women's newspaper was called...?

Hello. My name is Banafsheh and I'm sending this e-mail from Iran. I'm searching for the first Iranian women's newspaper. I know the editor of that newspaper was Ms. Dolatabadi and it started publishing in 1911.

I will be very thankful if you help me.

Banafsheh Rafe


* How do I become a Zartoshty?

Hello Everybody,

I am an Iranian born of Moslem parents. How do I become a Zartoshty? I know that in Iran it is not possible, but now I am outside.

May I ask if there is an association that supports and welcomes newcomers to the Zoroastrian religion?
Best Regards,

Reza Irani


* How sweet

Dear JJ,

In Neyshabur, JJ (pronounced jee-jee) means breast, which all children and adults love, from which exudes pure delightful sweet milk.

In our universe of discourse, JJ (Jahanshah Javid) is the best breast which all hamzaboons love, and from which flows good communications.

Congratulations for your successful efforts and enjoy the beauty and splendor of the attached jeejeez.

Masood Raji

REPLY: Thanks. Now I understand why God gave me big boobs. -- Jahanshah Javid


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