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July 9, 2003

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* Twins took risk and chose to be free



* More than life itself

My heart cries for these two wonderful women [Need for a happy ending]. What a blessing their 29 years of life have been to those who loved them. What bravery and sense of purpose these two brilliant woman showed the world. I am sorry they could not have had one day on earth separated from one another. May they share a special joy in the next world. God bless them and the doctors who so bravely tried to give the women what they wanted more than life itself.

Elizabeth Smith, RN, MS
Allenhurst, NJ USA


* Decision time

Open Letter to All Diplomatic Missions in Tehran

Honorable Ambassadors

As you are aware, the “Mullahcracy” Regime in Iran is an unelected government and rejected by the majority of the Iranian citizens. In the name of Iran we are asking you to sever political and commercial ties with this government. You choice to stand with or against the Iranian people will determine our future government’s political and economic relations with your respected governments.

The illegitimacy of the cleric rule should be now obvious to diplomatic missions, as the people of Iran are rising to bring about the very first revolution of the twenty-first century. The regime does not represent the Iranian people as you witnessed only less than twelve percent of eligible voters participated in elections last December.

We condemn the continued reckless acts of Russian government in providing nuclear capabilities to the tyrant regime for political and monetary concessions. We applaud the refusal of the Japanese government to sign the contract for oil explorations in the Azadegan oil fields.

The “Theocratic” Regime (Islamic Republic of Iran) is an un-Islamic dictatorship that is not even Iranian. The “Mullaharchy” Regime is alien to our nation, our culture and traditions. The I.R.I has the worst human rights violation record and is the main source of support, including money and arms to international terrorism.

We are seeking international solidarity to support the freedom movement of our people and stop nuclear proliferation in Iran by means of economic and political sanctions except for food and medicine. Your stance with the people of Iran will ensure future long term friendship between our two nations.

Ramin Etebar, MD


* Time to join Free World

It has been a while that I'm feeling blue about what's going on in this world and specifically what is happening to our own beloved Motherland & consequently to ourselves as a whole!
In my opinion we have reached an interesting level of Mental & Spiritual maturity as Iranians inside & outside our Motherland during the past twenty four years of being hostage to an amazing level of injustice by the so called Islamic Republic of Iran.

The true proof of that is an example of entities on the internet inside & outside of Iran. We are getting closer & closer to our ultimate belief & goal which is undoubtedly is Iran's Liberty which can subsequently lead to more Peace, Justice & Security not only in Iran but the entire Mother Earth.

I think the time has come for us Iranians to join the so called Free World! But, first we must set our differences aside & like other successful nations. In these times of War, Injustice and Insecurity we must decide & belive in the hounor of Unity. That is our only way of salvation.

We have only ourselves to Praise or Blame This Time! Freedom is on the way. It's inevitable & it is a Strange way of our Fate...

Reza Badei
San Diego


* Two-book deal

Dear Mr. Javid,

I wrote to you and talked to you briefly on the telephone last year about my novel-in progress, which was tentatively titled The Windup Doll, and which is now called POMEGRANATE SOUP. You duly sent me a list of great contact which is much appreciated.

I have just signed with Random House for a two-book deal and thought to update you on the good news!

Anyway, thank you for your support.

Much appreciated,

Marsha Mehran


* Shanameh in Hebrew

The great Farsi epic Shahnameh, the Book of Kings, has been published in Hebrew by the Bialik Institute. The translator was Eliezer Kagan.

The Haaretz Review of Books (July 4th) devotes half a page to this important literary event which will bring the treasures of Persian culture to the Israeli reader.

David Zohar
Jerusalem, Israel


* Patriotic annoucement

I think it would be only patriotic to announce time and date of all demonstrations that is or will be taken place in different states and cities of United State on this site. This would help people who visit your site to get the info. and would let all to know that we are together in this mission to support our brave young brother and sister in Iran.


>>> Reply: There’s a calendar button on top of pages. It takes you to the page where you can read and post events.


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