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June 19, 2003

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* Is he worthy?

The title says it all [Are we worthy?]. A better mind would put it "Is he worthy?"

It used to be said of Ali Shariati (I hate to quote this after his death) that he had "Ess-haall e ka-laam". Without having Ali's other attributes, the young Mr. Sheibany seems to suffer from the same ailment.

There was a Sheibany who was appointed by decree as Managing Director of Isfahan Steel, (the project itself an embarrassment, anyway). He was summoned to Niavaran to explain certain reports that the Shah had received concerning availability of coal and iron ore. At the time both raw materials were to be imported, mainly from India.

Anticipating the summon and fearing the consequence, the late Sheibany had prepared a giant-size map (a mixture of geographical and geological undertaking) of Iran; with various marked spots indicating the supposed presence of iron ore and coal throughout the country. I say "supposed" because none of the geologists who had prepared the map dared to put their signature to it.

On entering the palace, many were perplexed as to what to do with the enormous roll of paper that had to be carried by three men, one at each end and one at the center to prevent sagging. They were not quite sure if the Royal etiquette would allow one to appear in front of HIM with such an enormous object.

After much tribulation, the map was allowed to just outside HIM's private office before Mr. Sheibany was announced in. A few minutes later Mr. Sheibany following HIM appeared in the greater Hall. It appeared that HIM had been convinced that a larger room was necessary for the map to be spread on the floor (no wall could accommodate it) so that HIM could easily see the precise positions of the various mines.

The men in attendance spread the gigantic map that almost completely covered the entire floor of the greater outer Hall; requiring some furniture and ornaments to be temporarily moved about. On completion of the spreading process, HIM was invited to freely walk all over the map while making sure that no one else was permitted to thread on the country in the same manner.

With the aid of a long pointer, Mr. Sheibany guided HIM to "visit" the dubious mines; uttering statistics of reserves and potential productions that no decent mining engineer would risk his technical integrity on them. On termination of the presentation, HIM was so pleased, particularly by the ability to walk all over "his country", in a manner only befitting the Monarch himself, that Mr. Sheibany was awarded yet another "Neshaan" of excellence.

On his way back to his office, Mr. Sheibany, extremely pleased with the result of his performance, advisedly told the three men that "if you have to say something; say it grandly, often and profusely".

Baraitna Irani


* Want another American puppet like his father?

Mr. Amir Khosrow's wishful thinking of having Reza Pahlavi and his bunches back in power in Iran is as fictionous as Disney's Lion King [Are we worthy?]. This reminds me of a Persian expression, that goes like this, "shotor dar khaab binad panbeh daane, gah lop lop khorad, gah daaneh daaneh".

For the record, I have no lost love for the current ruling regime and condemn their treatment of the people just as much as any, yet accept the fact that vast majority of people voted for this system in 1979 and only they ought to vote it out. And I strongly believe that if there was another referendum today and Mr. Pahlavi lost again, he would accept the result.

If he is so interested in the good of the country and the people, why doesn't he get his butt back there and fight for it like so many are and going to jail for it. Oh, I remember, he's used to all the servants who chew the food for him so he can swallow it.

And if the Iranian people want another American puppet like his father, then perhaps he would make a good candidate.



* Post-79 generation wants a choice

Dear Ms. Sohrabi,

I have read your opinion/article with great interest [You the people]. It sounds great - especially how you describe the 'you the people' versus 'we the rulers' syndrome, the victimizing of ourselves, here and there.

My first question is: are not the majority of Iranians, the 70% or so not even born or just toddlers in 1979, victims of your so-called "people revolution/referendum" of 1979 ? They have a voice and want a choice.

Of course democracy is not easily attained and needs ongoing education. Freedoms do not mean lawlessness, I agree, but should be our right within a system of governance that protects the people and maintains justice and order.

My second question: What is your solution? I did not read anything new, helpful or noteworthy for those inside the country.

You wrote:

Tolerance, respect both for human life and freedom of thought, and other goodies hidden under the rubric of "secular democracy" are not innate to any group of people. They are values that must be taught and, yes, sometimes even imposed upon a society.

There is not only room but an immediate need for a political discourse that while believing in the necessity of representation of the will of the people, does not make that will its only claim to legitimacy.

These words sound good - but I disagree with the word "goodies" - that's belittling a whole generation of Iranians struggling for a better future for themselves and generations to come.

Shahla Samii


* You have to apologize

This was the most tasteless and insensitive joke I've seen in my political life ["Roadmap to Democracy"].

While thousands Iranians taking endangering their life by going to street and fight for freedom you are insulting them to imply that their motive is a s cheep as the symbol on the flag.

You have to apologize for such an insult. How could you be so ignorant and naive? Shame on you.


* Apology

In response to "You have to apologize":

Jahanshah Javid


* Cehlokababollahi

From that!! ["Roadmap to Democracy"]

Let's call it the "ultimate goal" of the cartoon maker! The dream!!!

This hungry person who is dreaming to trade the word "GOD" with a "CHELO-KABAAB"!!! will certainly has a lot
more appetite than just for a dish of rice and meat!!!

Alireza Javidfar


* A patriot

I thought this was an appropriate quote for these times:

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government. -- Edward Abbey, naturalist and author (1927-1989)

Ali T. Penton

* We don't all buy into the "evil Iran" scenario


I'm an American in California and I just wanted to write you and tell you that I think the Iranian people have a most beautiful heritage and history. Obviously there have been some bad times. I'm saddened that the American people have been brain-washed by the American media and government. If they write it, it must be true? We know that that is not true.

My mother was born outside Tehran after my grandparents escaped the communists in Russia in 1944. What she and my grandmother have told me was not real flattering as they were not treated very well. But, I can kind of understand that. There are those of us out here that do not hold the propaganda to be true.

I try to communicate to people not to hate the Iranian and Iraqi people because of what you've been told or read. I know the Ayotollah and Shah do NOT represent the whole people. It would be nice if Washington would stop forcing it's ideology on other countries of the world.

Iranians have the right to rule Iran without Western influence. I do think something more like a democracy would be good but even America's democracy isn't very democratic. We have a 1 party state masquerading as a 2 party state. But, I hear that it's better than other parts of the world so who knows.

I just wanted to let you know that there are those of us out and around that don't buy into the "evil Iran" scenario. I just wish more people would open their eyes long enough to see the beauty of your people and your culture. May peace prevail.

Best Wishes from an American Friend

Randy Bell


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