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November 26, 2003

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* Eloquence ruined by slogans

Dear Mr. Bahrami, ["Real axis of evil"]

I am sending you this note, not as a defender of the IRI or the Mullacracy in Iran, but as a defender of the truth in form of balanced and fair journalism. While I agree with a good deal of the points you make in your article, I take issue with presenting something that appears to be a "slogan" and not a well researched fact!

In your article you have stated that Mullahs are responsible for or linked to Islamist hard-line terrorist activities against the Turkish government! First of all, where did you get this information? Can you quote a reliable source for any reports where a Turkish government official or source has accused the IRI of supporting Islamic terrorism against Turkey? In fact, I didn't know that Islamic armed opposition had been a major problem for Turkish government. Turkey has had to fight Kurdish and Armenian insurgents for decades but Islamic armed resistance are just not on the Turkish political map as you have claimed!

Everything I have seen and read indicates that with the exception of some turbulence in the early part of IRI's existence (back in the 1980's - Khomeini era) the IRI Mullahs and the Turkish government have had a good neighborly relationship. They both have flexed their regional influence by competing in various proxy conflicts and issues, ranging from the Caspian oil rights to the problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan but for the most part, it is a known fact that the Mullahs have left Turkey alone and prefer not to get on the Turks' bad side.

Again, if you look at the bulk of my previous writings for this site, I am by no means a defender of IRI, but I wish you wouldn't just ruin the rest of your eloquently made case by writing political slogans!

Farhad Radmehrian 


* One word

Garbage. ["Real axis of evil"]



* An easy award?

Shirin Ebadi - Relating article: Nobel intentions (The Guardian Oct 13, 2003):

[...] in another way the award was a rather easy one for a committee based in western Europe to give out - not so much for what it celebrates, but for what it criticises. Of course we all hate the Iranian government right now: part of the "axis of evil", with its nuclear programme and its wicked views on the United States and Israel, Iran is an easy country to emonise."

[...] "It would have been interesting to see how western governments might have responded, for instance, to an award for a feminist in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, where the regimes that have held back women's rights are actively supported."



* Just a notch modern

Let's not fool ourselves. Mrs. Ebadi said it very clear to all of us loud and clear. You are a bunch of kids who think you can make any changes outside the regime. Forget the demonstrations and any other action. Join the mullahs and try to change the regime from within.

Many of us, as usual sentimental and hope for easy solution, came to the conclusion that she is the promised one.  She says loud and clear: I am at best a reformist (just a notch modern) am a protégé of  Khatami and alike. Not even like Gangi or Aghajeri.  Do not get too existed about me just enjoy the moment under the sun.

By making her a real freedom fighter and a hero you are making the IRI look good – they tolerate the real opposition. Forgot about thousands of people killed in jails and many more still inside and no one talk about them because they are not "opposition" within the regime.

Let's not fool our self.



* Parhiz az taghlide digaran

az khanoome ebadi khahesh mikonam keh ba kurd ya mojahed boodaneshan beh engilisihayi keh nazdik hastand bepeivandand va az taghlide digaran az jomleh bozorgmardani mesle doctor mosaddegh beparhizand.

ba ehteram beh zane irani ba melliati motefavet

ziba mariam kamal


* Innate dichotomy

As a student of Iranian studies, with my focus on the diaspora literary work, I would like to commend Amir Nooriala for his powerful portrait of an innate dichotomy that exists inside every young Iranian born and/or raised outside Iran. ["God bless Team Melli"]

Is it a merit or a condemnation of history? I don't know. Perhaps a mixture of both, as Amir's piece is showing so profoundly.


Soheila Moshfeghi


* Pity the Iranian Nation

Having had the task of aiding His Late Imperial Majesty through the dark days of His exile I often think how
sad it is that so many Iranians were never able to know their Shah for the man he truly was in life.

I had the honor of spending most of His waking hours with him as the request of my employer, Nelson Rockefeller, former Vice President of the United States and Governor of New York.

I observed a true Iranian nationalist, an honest and sincere man who suffered terribly the fate of his country and countrymen. The Shah was a true practicing Moslem who wanted the best for his people. He was a visionary who looked toward Iran's future and the Nation's well being for future generations.

The depiction of the Shah as a blood thirsty tyrant could not have been farther from the truth. In fact he abhorred violence of any kind to his dying day. He chose to leave his country rather than spill the blood of his people. I observed a man who was not at all materialistic man and had little interest in money.

The Shah's life was dedicated to his country. He work tirelessly for his people. When history is written I believe the Shah's achievements will be recognized. The campaign to vilify the Shah will be seen for what is was -- a power grab by greedy religious impostors and foreign forces to prevent Iran from taking a position as a world power.

Had the Shah's health not failed him, had his choice of final advisors not been so poor and had he been not so trusting of some supposed friends things might have been very different today in Iran.

The youth the Shah worked so hard to educate today would not only be enjoying the social freedoms of twenty-five years ago but would probably be enjoying a matured political system. Instead the young brave Iranians are suffering torture, imprisonment and execution attempting to gain what Iran might have had. The region surely would be more stable had the Empire or Iran survived and the world would not be in its present state of calamity.

Robert Armao


* Also curious

Attached is a picture of Hassan Mirza-Ali Esfahani. He is also curious who that house in Monte Carlo belongs to. ["Home of the unknown"]

Amir Sheibany


* Cholo kabab in Ramadan?

Are you guys crazy posting pictures of cholo kabab on the 2nd day of Ramadan? ["Can't beat that"] The torture is unbearable. That's it I'm scarred for life. It truely tests your faith.

Bloomington, IN


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