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September 17, 2003

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* Our Charles Bronson

Sad to say , Reza Beyk Imanverdi died of lung cancer yesterday (Saturday). Well , I hope we shall read  something about him in your website [See Mahmoud's cartoons]. Charles Bronson died, John Ritter died , Johnny Cash died and our Reza Beyk Imanverdi ...

Javad Haghani


* From Pakistan, with love

Layla -i aziz Salaam! [Leila Farjajmi]

I didn't want to interrupt you, but sometimes it the circumstances that force you to write to some one you do not want disturb. I know you are busy and you might receive many emails a day and respond them, but if you don't answer me I won't be bothered.

I am not Iranian, however I visited Iran ten years ago, Iranian people are great people. I love their culture and their way of life. From that visit to Your country I can roughly picture you as well. The most prominent point that touched me in my visit to Iran very much was religio-political environment of that great country. It seemed to me that it was deeply rooted in the society but were threatening anyone who gazed towards it with a slight different assumption. It is just one's person feeling, it may not be so.

Now it is twelve PM here, light is gone, because Pakistan's electric system is not very good, my laptop is on my lap; fortunately its buttery is full I am going through your Farsi free verse poetry. If I am not wrong I smell and feel your poems' senses very much related to that ociopolitical system. It does not really matter, apposition is also very strong relation. My English is not very good, please forgive me if I mad istakes. It is not my native language.

I am sendind this email from Quetta Blochistan Pakistan. Though I don't understand poetry very much, but when I read your poems I feel that I really love them. Thank you for your profound and beautiful words.



* What it would be like to believe in ourselves

Dear Ms. Nemati,

I've read ur stories for quite some time now. I have to say that "Trip to Qom" is one of my favourite stories in the world. Its not my intention to flatter u by telling u this, although u deserve to be very proud of ur stories. Instead, i write to u to inspire you to continue writing the stories u do, and showing us not so strong minded girls what it would be like to believe in ourselves.

Reading ur stories makes me not so afraid to believe in myself, and my instincts....and i think that that is the greatest personal achievement a person can make. I wont take up too much of your time.

Just wanted to let u know how refreshing it is to read about your past, and the Asal's of the world. Anytime i feel like my heart is breaking, i read trip to Qom and i realize that there is life beyond whatever is going on right then. So finally, just thanks for inspiring me.....

Keep writing (and more often if possible)...



* Faith yes, organized religion, no

Many of the things you said about meaningless ceremonies and dogma and religious myths are correct [Why I'm not a Muslim]. And we have to thank an organized religious institution estalished by the Ayatollahs, Hojjat-ol Eslams, fake Imams, and all the rest of them for political and financial gains, for destroying people's faith in a good religion. We can live without "organized religion", but we cannot live without "faith".

We need to believe in a higher supreme power in control and we need to resort to him in times of despair and need. All religions came to tell us of this "Supreme Being" and how and where to find Him. The rest, all the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Ayatollahs, Rabis, man made laws forced upon us as "Divine Law" were all creations of ambitious power hungry humans and as far away from the "Supreme Being" as possible.

The Sufi Doctrine is the most logical and acceptable way of knowing and worshipping God and it came out of Islam. So instead of bashing Islam and God (for asking us to pray five time a day) you should use your logic and conscience and see what the core of the message is in Islam, or any other religion for that matter. God does not want us to pray five times a day. Praying in any form or shape in any religion is a form of meditation trying to achieve inner peace.

Again the rest as to what to wear, how to pray, where to pray, etc. etc. are meaningless man-made rules. Osama Bin Laden does not represent Islam in the same way that other extremists do not represent any creed or religion. Have faith in God, if not in Islam, because you are going to need it for your sanity! ! 

Nahid Shafiei


* Flee IRI or Islam?

upon questioning his logic: [Why I'm not a Muslim]

islam existed in iran before the IR came to power...but he had little problems with it. therefore, did he flee from iran because of the government or islam? one of many logic flaws in his article.

besides comparing masoud rajavi with emam hossein is even historically a bit odd, since he died with his people, while masoud rajavi is chilling somewhere, while he sends iranians to die for his not appreciated cause.

but's cool to think in black and white and in an easy way.

Mahdi Rahimi


* Pray to open your heart & mind

Please read The Quran in its entirety and we may talk about what is Islam and who is a true Muslim? [Why I'm not a Muslim] You'll be very surprised to find out that it is not Ashoura or Tasoua! nor Osama representing more than over a billion Muslims in the world. I was fortunate to read and translate

The Holy Quran in my youth and I have been a true believer since. I must tell you that I am educated in usa and lived here for last 32 years and the more I lived here and the more I learned about myself and the world, about Christians and Jews, my belief in Islam has become stronger.

God doesn't need our prayers, as we need to pray God in order to keep in touch with God and to add some higher depth and meaning to our lives. The most intimate and the most enjoyable of my daily life has been the time of my daily prayers and meditations.

I wish and pray for you to open your heart and your mind to take some time to learn about the truth and about the depth of the world religions in general and specifically about Islam and please don't judge them by action of bunch of ignorant fanatics.

Massoud Hassan Nabavi


* It's all ignorance

I CANT BELIEVE YOU WOULD ALLOW this garbage to be written [Why I'm not a Muslim]! I am deeply offended & DISSOPOINTED!

IT'S ALL ignorance...

Natalie A


* The weak deserve their fate

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hatred leads to power. Power leads to victory. Let your anger flow through you, your hatred will make you strong.

True power is only achieved through testing the limits of one's anger, and passing through unscathed. Rage channeled through aggression is unstoppable.

The dark side is stronger than the light. The weak deserve their fate.



* Greatest president if Bush cleans our house

Dear Iranians:
More than 1300 years have passed since the Muslim religion as we know it was created. In more than 1300 years all Muslims the world over still live in poverty, have the lowest educational background if any, have not contributed to the advancement of man in any field of science, medicine, technology, literature,...etc in any significant way!
We have the lowest standard of living of any nations, live under none democratic governments, our resources are being stolen from us by our leaders who live lavish life styles with money stolen from us on a daily basis for the past 1300 years.
I have come to believe that our religion might be nothing more than a cult. The main job of the Mullahs in the Muslim world is to brainwash us in to believing that we should live in poverty and misery in fitly environments, and resist advancement by the western nations so we can go to heaven and should never question them on any subject, as they know the way!
What a travesty it is that in this year of 2003 these so called Muslim leaders are still pushing their corrupt ideas and proven gigantic failures.
I believe President Bush will become the greatest president in history if he could clean house in the Middle East by getting rid of the corrupt Saudi family, the Jordanian kingdom, the Iranian Mullahs, and every other dictator and UN-elected presidents for life in the middle east.

Just think about it, when these so called leaders in the Middle East get in to office they stay there for life or sometimes eternity. President of North Korea has declared himself and his family president for ever (eternity)! The supreme mullahs in Iran come to mind? The Saudi family, president of Egypt, kadaffee?......and so on are just a few examples.
We should support law abiding nations that care for their people, and United States is the best example of such a nation. We Iranian lucky enough to be living here in America should be grateful for the privilege of carrying a life style of prosperity with freedom not afford our families and friends in Iran. Being a cult member will only destroy us for the benefit of the few at the top who will laugh all the way to the bank at our expense.
If you know how to read you are capable of deciding the good from the evil, and in this case the evil doers leading evil empires are our so called Muslim leaders!

F Beladi


* Take it out, please

I want to ask  you please, please take out Marjan's sexy scene with Saeed Rad from the internet.

Thank you so much.

Marjan (Paula P.)


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