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September 6, 2003

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* Selling your soil

Sure Darius, good idea. [America will take care of our business] Are you going by history and the wonderful reputation of "US forces" and how well they have done in places like, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Panama, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, and of course the biggest feather in their cap these days, IRAQ? 

Are you talking about how well they have helped rebuild the above countries after they nearly demolished them? Did you bother to take a look at Afghanistan who is in just as bad of a shape she was before American planes dropped million dollar + bombs on their soil?

Are you watching the news of how "successful" their ultra smart service men are in street of Nadjaf, Takrit, and Baghdad for the past couple of months.

If your answer is yes to any of the above, what makes you think they will be any more successful in Iran than they have been in countless countries in the past five decades? Are you reflecting on history at all by opening the door to your home to foreign forces? Were you in Iran when the US backed Iraqi forces attacked our land? Do you know what that feels like? Were any of your friends or loved ones killed defending the land they love?

"We have some MDs and Ph.Ds"? Some? Have you bothered to look at the statistics of educated Iranians in United States? Most of them would love to take a sweet swing at you.

Your anger may be rooted elsewhere son. You are wrapping yourself in a flag that is been a symbol of hatred and fear for the good part of last century and began this century with a bang. List yourself amongst those uneducated Americans who keep spinning looking for their tail and wondering, "why do they hate us"! 

Chill out before you sell your soil and read a few history books. Besides, there isn't much soil to sell anyway. The present government of Iran hasn't left anything to sell. The little pride we have ain't for sale.



* Can't imagine US risking attack on Iran

Dear Xerxes Khan! [America will take care of our business]

You're all over the road with your article! Pick a lane, will you?

Are you attacking Iran's ruling mullahs, Iranians who live in the US or are you just plain disgruntled with all Iranians, period!
Well, as for your idea for the might of US military power to attack Iran, there are a couple of minor problems there.

I just can't imagine that any US administration could risk attacking a country the size of Iran just to "free" such "irresponsible, incompetent, indifferent, and extremely hard to be governed" people! That is unless their intensions are something other than freeing the people, but what are the chances of that?!!!

Secondly, if you haven't checked the news lately, please do. Your mighty US military is begging the United Nations to come in and take off some heat! Yes, they can't do it by themselves. Which means the arrogant policies of Rumsfeldism have failed miserably and that the US military is unable to sit on a country third of Iran's size with a third of Iran's population and a fraction of its militatry.

Add to that the fact that Iran is 60% mountainous; no charging up your tanks 65 miles an hour up the desert highway straight to the capital! And finally, all military assessments of Iran's capabilities put it at a level that is far aboce Iraq's at the time itwas attacked by the US earlier this year.

And to all of the above, add the documented fact that all public surveys and polls, as of yet!, show that a majority of Iranians, although disgruntled with the Mullacracy, object to any US attack and/or occupation.

In short, the task of occupying Iran will make the misery of Iraq occupation look like a walk in the park!
Have a nice day you superior Iranian, you!

Farhad Radmehrian


* Treacherous monster

Whoever you are calling yourself Xerxes, you are the most despicable and comtemptible Iranian I have ever encountered, if you are even Iranian! [America will take care of our business]

Obviously you should be on the front lines when the US invades Iran and turns it into Iraq and Afghanistan ! You are so void of any self-respect and dignity that I sincerely hope you are not an Iranian, otherwise I am ashamed of being Iranian if Iran produces creatures like you !

You are the true progeny of all the treacherous monsters who betrayed Iran to foreign powers throughout its tragic modern history: Qajar kings, Qavam, Seyyed Zia, Kashani, Zahedi, the Rashidian brothers (during Mossadegh's time), and scores of others !

Shame on you as an Iranian and a human being for wanting another country to invade your homeland and destroy it, no matter how terrible the present regime is.

Can you give me one example of the US going into a country, whether covertly or by force of arms and that country is any better off today than it was before? Look at Vietnam, almost every country in South America, Afghanistan, Iraq.

May God give you either wisdom or punishment worthy of a traitor !

Nahid Shafiei


* Our job, not Americans!

Mr. Xerxes, [America will take care of our business]

Whoever you are, and whomever you work for (CIA?), is not important, what is important is the fact that you lie about your name (Xerxes Dares!). Who knows whatever else you are lying about. Just send your articles to Wall Street Journal, and New Republic, not!

How dare you ask for US to kill my brothers and sisters in Iran! If you care about Iran that much, then help the Iranians to be liberated politically and economically in a peaceful manner! The Iranian government has already killed enough of my brothers and sisters, and the people are still suffering under the regime.

Iranians should and eventually will change the government, not the Americans! How uncaring are you about the Iranian lives. When was the last time you send a dollar to one of millions of poor Iranians? Another words, what have you done for them lately?

All right, let the US invade Iran, as you suggest (now that you gave the green light to the US, they might actually invade; especially, since they finished Iraq so easily!) Then, do me a favor, if you really care about Iran, just move back there before the invasion starts. But if you are very very patriotic, move close to the neighborhoods that will likely be the target of US air strikes, like hospitals with children!)

Write us back upon your return to the US, and let us know about the situation there! 

Anxiously waiting to hear back from you from Iran!

God luck, and God bless your America!

Ahmad Nassiri


* We are in danger

"Ashkroft Regime?" you say in [Parvandeh maa chi shod?]

I understand that dealing with the Immigration and Naturalization Service is difficult, but I doubt that many of your clients respect the laws of the United States. Over the thirty years that I have known Iranian visa holders, they have shown the same respect for the immigration laws that Iranian drivers do in obeying the traffic laws in Tehran.

Now, my nephew, the son of a 80's Iranian Parliament Member, wants my husband and I to hire lawyers to help him get a visa into the US. He is a hardworking physician and wants to have the opportunity to have a successful life. Still, this is a difficult choice for me knowing his father's
anti-American stance.

Does America owe Iranians anything at all? I think we all remember the "Death to America" crowds on the streets of your cities for years, don't we? At this time, I hope that Askroft stands firm and fights for our very lives.

We are in danger from internal terrorists and following the activities of the Iranian government makes me very fearful of Iranian immigration despite the fact that my own husband of 26 years comes from Birjand.



* Toiling for greater good

Dear Niki, Esq. [Parvandeh maa chi shod?],
Kudos to you for wanting to help people.   It's a sentiment sadly missing in the Iranian-American community, a community in which we proudly exalt the large number of lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers and professors our community has produced -- never forgetting to mention our above-average median income or large percentage of degree-holders or .... (now some resourceful zealots have even come up with the number, in the billions of dollars, that the Iranian-American community contributes to the US economy!) -- yet we often forget to inquire of, or measure, the civic, altruistic, volunteer, and -- most importantly -- ethical contributions (or lack thereof) and aspects of our community. 

Glad to see you making a dent in this frenzied bubble of egomaniacal aggrandization and I hope we hear from others who have long been nameslessly toiling for a good greater than one's own self.


* Joy mixed with annoying guilt

Zohreh Khanom, Thanks for your reflections. [The end of the smile]

I completely agree with your assessment. Going back to Iran beings me such joy mixed with annoying guilt, almost like what Shakespeare called a "sweet sorrow"!

Most of all it is heartbreaking to see a country with such potential and promise, caught in claws of a self-destructive and mismanaged theocracy!

Farhad Radmehrian


* Books for Iranian youth

Dear compatriots, dorud.

This is Alireza, a graduate student in Ferdowsi University of Mashad, as well as a librarian at the "Youth Library" of the National Youth Organization.

As you know, US ban on trade with Iran has resulted in a sort of hidden illiteracy, because Iranian students and scholars at home cannot purchase publication materials online (there are no credit cards in Iran).

My colleagues and friends and I have thought this problem out for a while and we have decided to approach compatriots residing abroad to contribute in a project known as "Books for Iranian Youth".

Amir Hekmatpour, the Webmaster of farsinet, has set a web page for the project. Please visit and introduce the other brothers and sisters to it.

God bless you and best wishes you and all compatriots at home and abroad.

Alireza Gholizadeh


* I want to buy fresh sabzi khordan

Salam Leila, [Kaaboos]

After 37 years spending my good years in this country I am going back HOME for good. I want to ride doreshkeh, I want to buy fresh sabzi khordan from the guy standing on the corner with his tray, I want to buy gerdoo at 1:00 am on Pahlavi Ave., I want to do all those things I have memory of.

Hormoz Shokooh


* Reza Shah's daughter?

I am very interested in the Pahlavi Dynasty. Have you got information about Princess Hamdam al Saltaneh, Reza Shah's daughter?

Is she still alive? I can't find information about her. As far as I know she was born in 1903.

Do you have any information? I hope you have time to answer.

Gunnar Madsen


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