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August 21, 2004Top

* Nader vote unconstructive

Dear concerned iranian! [Nader anyone?]

Frankly, after i was done reading your message of political activism to your fellow iranians, i was more baffled than before i had started it. it is clear that you support neither one of the major political parties's candiadates, but i really don't think casting a vote of protest for anyone would be very much indicative a communities's sense of involvement in politics, especially by those individuals who, in your very considerate and respectful tone are called our disgrauntled elderly relatives. i can promise you that you have just made the biggest blunder of your political career, if you ever wanted to have one (god forbid).

As a first step on the path towards becoming politically involved in our communities, we must show our resolve and will to solve problems, through constructive cooperation with candidates which will give us more power in making better choices that ultimately lead to more effective changes in the iranian communities.

Even though our current choices of candidates may not be as tantalizing and appropriate as we ideally would like to see, casting a protest vote will accomplish the exact opposite for us, and will render us more politically and socially inactive and indolent.

If you really think about it, that would not be the most suitable way for us to have a very distinct voice. It will further foster the impression among many americans that all the claim of wanting to take a more active role on the political stage by iranians, is just wishful thinking without susbtantial supportive work to back it up.

And exactly how would we accomplish our goal of constraining more anti-iranian or anti-islamic activities, by casting a vote for ralph nader? Ralph nader's agenda and his list of priorities and ambitions are even more vague and unclear than anyone of the other candidates, taking into consideration the fact that he is still struggling to get on the ballots in certain states, and even more interesting is the fact that he has launched legal battles in some cities, in order to get his wish. Unless of course we could rely up on his Lebenease background and heritage to save the day and make the mullahs think twice before saying no to his proposals, in the event of him becoming the president.

A vote of protest maybe a democratic thing to do, but it will do more damage to our ambitions and hopes for our future in this country, in the long run.



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August 21, 2004


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