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August 21, 2004Top

* Forgetting Christians and Jews

This very unattractive chick must know that most people ignore her writings which is why she sits and writes (because she probably has no life) [No can do]. I have always ignored her because to me if the author has guts to put her/his picture with the material then she or he better look credible and that means having to look professional. This woman's hair looks like she just came out of the kitchen and bunched it up ( and I better not hear from another homely woman accusing me of being superficial). She does not look intelligent enough to be a Communist either.

Her approach to "imagine" was so pathetic it embarrassed me that an Iranian woman could be so down right ignorant.

Don't tell me you do not have cable TV to see the lovely Jan with the pink wig and the "drag queen " make up with the sexy lacy dresses wiping her tears talking about Jesus and going around the poorest nations were kids are barefoot and hungry giving them dolls and bibles to read.

I do not know how long you have lived in the West but in 1979 I was constantly being approached by nice and attractive boys and girls who wanted to take me anywhere I needed (including hair dresser) and I knew there was a motive but could not figure it out. Until they asked me to go to a gathering and sure enough it was Bible study! They offered the bible in Arabic or Farsi whichever was easier. I laughed so hard and found it so sad that Christians resort to such tactics. Of course I developed a great strategy which works to this day.

In my state I can go grocery shopping and there will be "Jesus people" passing on brochures and wanting me to join their "worship group". I get a kick out of holding my hand up and looking straight in their eyes and then say "I am a Muslim Fundamentalist"! They apologize and run so fast I have to hold myself from bursting into laughter.

A month ago I went for preview and registration of my kid to a University which is one of the top 10 in the US and yet a woman came up to me and started telling me about the Christian organizations. Of course I love to scare them out of their wits by saying I am a practicing Shia Moslem. She did not give up and began to talk about Jesus.

I lost my patience and said, listen ,I have studied other religions. Jesus was a man who had relationship with Mary Magdalene and used to kiss her lips in front of the disciples and that is well documented and used to drink wine with her so I really don't care for someone who is so ordinary and yet worshiped like a god . So enough talk about religion.

I always tell my fellow Iranians that I strive to be a good human being because my dad has always said it is easy to be a Moslem, Christian or Jew or whatever religion you choose. However, it is hard to be a " human being". I agree.

You must be one of those people who reads a few magazines and thinks she is an intellectual well in fact you are so far off it is embarrassing. My son and I sit and watch Religious TV (Jews an Christians) instead of the Comedy Central because we find it very funny how desperately they are trying to convert others.

Yet, I find it amazing that despite all the negative publicities about Islam I run into so many educated, well read Americans who have converted to Islam (including a catholic Pries I met at Sufism Symposium that who was in the church for 20 years).

I am not defending what is being done by the Moslems. I think building mosques, going to Mecca and giving books to promote religion are all wrong and the money could be put in greater use. But by no means can I tolerate ignorant remark like your which insults the intelligence of those of us who know the open tools as well as the hidden ones the Christians and Jews use to promote Jesus.

In case you are retarded, the nuns you see working around the world but they work to show Christian brand of compassion.

I know of an Iranian doctor who has purchased a $500k house where the Bahais can meet every Friday and she is proud of it to (and I have told her she is on my shit list and better not show her ugly face at any event I will be present).

My point is that Christians and Jews spend far greater amount of money in trying desperately to promote their religion so if the ignorant Moslem group wants to follow their footsteps that is their choice but by no means should you come across as such an idiot to imply that their act is outrageous or never done before. I think anytime an Iranian woman ventures to write on a subject she better be well read and experienced in that subject matter and you come across as a total doozie form the first sentence.

Azam Nemati


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August 21, 2004


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