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August 21, 2004Top

* Struggle to save our culture

Mr. Younessi,

I read your reply ["Reasons to be proud"] to Pessare Gol's objective essay [Proud of what?] and found it to be somewhat condescending, to say the least. You chastise this compatriot by pointing out spelling errors for simply stating the fact that since 1979 we have lost our nationalistic pride due to a foreign borne, barbaric and archaic calamity named Islam. For your information Mr. Younessi, you need to brush up on the history of my noble Iran in order to digest what Nationalism truly is.

It was/is the objective of the forefathers, and current proponents, of this nomadic religion to create 'One Islamic Nation' encompassing as much land as the eye can see. Reading from your reply, I would say, you do not have any reservations with these nomads wiping out entire civilisations, namely Egypt? These barbarians, riding on horse and camel, attempted to do just this with our Iran nearly 1400 years ago and are attempting to do the same today.

Do you know of Babak Khorramdin? If not, you need to read up on this warrior and his struggles against the Arab invaders and how even today the Islamic Republic tries, and fails I might add, to ban any celebrations in his honour.

You see Mr. Younessi, it is a struggle to save our culture, our history and our nation all in one stroke (all things lacking in an Arab world). If you do not see it in that manner, then you need to sign yourself up for 'homicide bombings' and move east to Mesopotamia to join your Islamic brothers fighting some delusional religious campaign. Iran does not need another charlatan posing as an Iranian.

Babak Kalhor


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August 21, 2004


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